About The Sell My Business Podcast

Welcome to The Sell My Business Podcast. Are you thinking about either growing or having a liquidity event for your business? You have one chance to get it right, and you better make it count.

Who are we and how do we know? 

We started our company with no money, experience, or team. The truth is we had no business being in business. The results showed. Our saving grace was grit and passion which kept us in the game long enough to experience success.

Success brings attention. We received an offer to buy our business for an experienced and smart buyer. Something didn't feel right when we received a 7-figure 3-times EBITDA offer. 

We said “no” to the unsolicited offer and “yes” to mastering the art and science of a liquidity event. Two years later we sold our company for 9-figures based on 13-times EBITDA.

How did we 10X our company value even though the people, company, and service were the same?

Listen to each episode of The Sell My Business Podcast where we reveal the strategies and preparation we used. If we can do it, so can you. May you listen and prosper.

DISCLAIMER: The people interviewed are well-trained experts in the areas discussed. Please do not attempt any of the information discussed in the podcast interviews without the qualified supervision of professionals.

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