Do You Know How To Prepare For A Successful Liquidity Event?

We said "no" to a 7-figure offer and "yes" to a 9-figure offer in less than two years.

Don't believe for a moment that the skills you mastered to build your business are the same ones to sell your business.
"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."
- Benjamin Franklin

You're Here.

You're here because you're considering selling your business. You may even have received an offer to buy your business. The idea of selling your business both thrills you and stresses you out.

When it comes to your business, neither success nor failure is an accident.

If you're like most owners, you've worked your fingers to the bone to build everything from scratch.

You've dedicated precious time, energy, and focus. You've put everything on the line to make your business work.

Only You Know About All the Sacrifices You've Made.

Sleepless Nights

Why Would You Gamble
With Your Liquidity Event (And Your Future)?

You've probably asked yourself:
  • Is it the right time?
  • What does it take?
  • What are the drawbacks?
  • What challenges will I face?
  • What mistakes do I need to avoid?
  • What am I left with after the sale?
  • How do I ensure that I don't ripped off?
You won't find the answers from your lawyer, accountant, or other advisors.

Why would you jeopardize your future by talking with so-called experts who never created their own 9-figure liquidity event?

Don't Start Your Liquidity Event Process Until You Discover The Fatal Mistakes Made by Most Business Owners That You Must Avoid at All Costs.

Let's talk about business BUILDING versus SELLING. The skills you mastered in building your company are different than the ones you need to sell your company. Not only are the skills different, but the odds are against you. All-day. Every day.

Knowing the harsh reality will set you free.

Buyers are counting on you to make mistakes. Why? Every mistake you make takes your hard-earned money and puts in the pocket of your future buyer.

Most sellers leaving millions of dollars on the table and don't even realize it.

When You've Got it Wrong, Nothing Else Matters

You Have One Chance to Get It Right For Your Liquidity Event. Don't Blow It!
Like you, we started our eLearning business without any money, experience, or a team. All we had was our passion and grit to change the world, one graduate at a time. Our vision was to become THE eLearning operating system for higher education.

In the early days, most entrepreneurs struggle to survive. Statistics show that most entrepreneurs quit or go bankrupt during the first five years. It was our passion and grit to solve a massive problem that kept us in the game long enough to figure things out. In time, our eLearning company dominated the industry.

Our liquidity event was one that never should have happened. The first offer to buy our company was a 7-figure offer. We didn’t have a clue how the process worked, and it showed. The first potential buyer was like a wolf in sheep's clothing. Every mistake we made lined the buyer's pockets with more of our money.

Our only saving grace was declining the first offer. We knew that we could do infinitely better on the value of our company. Instantly, we dedicated to master the art and science of selling a company. As entrepreneurs, what we saw shocked us.
Out-Smart Your Potential Buyers Or Investors.
Learn How to Easily extract your company's Deep wealth.
We're entrepreneurs, and we're in business to solve challenging problems that affect countless people. As entrepreneurs, our mission is to change the social fabric of society. It's entrepreneurs that turn the 'impossible' into I'm Possible.

Less than two years later we said "yes" to a 9-figure offer.

You read that right. In less than two years our company value changed 10X.

We were the same company offering the same service with the same people.

What changed?

We were prepared with the liquidity event playbook we created from our 9-step road map. We also had a blueprint that helped us optimize the value of your business

We thought our experience with the buyer who was a wolf in sheep’s clothing was the exception, not the rule. Sadly, we were wrong. We felt angry after speaking with countless entrepreneurs who were ripped off when selling their companies.

On the spot we made a decision to level the playing field. Starting N.O.W.

After a liquidity event, many business owners feel like everyone won at their expense.

Entrepreneurs are dreamers, the make-it-happen people, and the change-makers. It's us, the entrepreneurs who put everything on the line and win against all the odds. So, why is it that as entrepreneurs, we’re at the losing end when selling our companies?

The truth is that the system is set up against you. You're one small cog in a much larger wheel.
The Best Kept Secrets your investment banker will never tell you.
Most buyers are smart, sophisticated, and experienced and counting on you to make mistakes. After all, every mistake you make is money in the buyer's pocket. You may be thinking that your paid advisors and liquidity event advisory team, will protect you. Right?

We discovered that what's in your best interest, is at odds with the motivations of your investment banker and advisors. When you sell your company, you're a one-time transaction. Your future buyer will likely have many transactions with your investment banker. Like you, your investment banker is in business to be in business.

Learn this today so you can prosper tomorrow.

We increased the value of our company by 10X, and so can you.
Introducing The 12-Week Deep Wealth Experience
Increasing our company value by 10X with our 9-figure liquidity event was no accident. We left the theory for the classroom when we created our liquidity event liquidity event playbook to sell our eLearning company. We took our game to the next level and challenged ourselves to speak with experienced buyers, sellers, investment bankers, advisors, and business owners.


Knowing what works and doesn't work is the key to success. We learned from the best-of-the best. Our original liquidity event playbook was great, but our new one is even better. Our mission with the Deep Wealth Experience is helping business owners extract the deep wealth from their companies that they never knew they had. Do you have what it takes to be part of the Deep Wealth experience?
Get access to The Deep Wealth Experience To Learn How We Increased our Company Value 10X With Our 9-Figure liquidity event.
When it comes to your business, neither success nor failure is an accident. You have a choice to make.

The simplest of liquidity event mistakes can have your profits vaporize. Are you interested in a solution that requires less stress, time, money, and effort compared to doing everything yourself?

When it comes to your liquidity event, benefit from the years of trial-and-error and millions of dollars we spent.

The Deep Wealth Experience is created by owners for owners. Enjoy peace-of-mind knowing that you don't have to spend the years of time and millions of dollars that we spent.
We Understand that you're pressed for time and on-the-go. always.
Access the Deep Wealth experience at anytime and from anywhere.

There are no live meetings to attend.

The Deep Wealth experience is comprised of three things.

We’ve already talked about our liquidity event playbook which only get better over time.

Next up is you own personal Success Coach. No question is too big or small. We left no stone unturned, and we’re here to stay by your side for your entire journey. It’s a jungle out there when it comes to selling your business. That’s why you need expert help and guidance.

The final part of the Deep Wealth system that ties everything together is the one thing that Benjamin Franklin, Richard Branson, and Oprah Winfrey attribute to their success. Do you know what this one thing is?

A Mastermind Group.
what's a mastermind group?
Mastermind groups have been around since King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

A mastermind group has one agenda: your success. Each member of a mastermind group helps the other members dominate their industries and win. At Deep Wealth, we place you in a mastermind group with other owners, who, like you, are mastering our proven liquidity event playbook.

We spent years of trial-and-error and millions of dollars to find what worked. The good news is that you now have access to the same system at a fraction of the time and cost. You have one chance to get it right when selling your business. Don't blow it.

Access The Same Playbook That Helped Increase Our Company Value 10X In Less Than 24 Months.

It's no accident that the first offer to buy our EdTech was a 7-figure offer. It's also no accident that the second offer was 9-figures.

We had the same company, the same people, and the same service.

What happened?

You'll find all the answers inside our liquidity event playbook. Here are 25 Deep Wealth insider tips you'll prosper from when you start the Deep Wealth experience.

Learn And Prosper From Our
Proven Liquidity Event Playbook

1. Learn what to look for in a buyer.
Your future buyer knows everything about you. Start with the end in mind. Play to win from the beginning. Learn what to say to jump-start the buyer competition over who buys your company.
2. Why you'll always run in circles if you don't have right Liquidity Event team.
Most sellers fail to hire one key person for their liquidity event team, and it can cost them everything.
3. The Importance of creating your data room before you start.
Do you know why investment bankers prefer to create your data room themselves? What you'll learn will shock you.
4. Want to 10X your company Value?
Most entrepreneurs believe they can "show up" and a buyer will pay top dollar. Buyers hope you'll show up unprepared. The X-Factors we learned, increased our company 10 TIMES (and you can too).
5. Do you know how to get your employees & customers excited about your Liquidity Event?
One negative comment can cost you millions, or even the deal itself! Learn what to say to employees and customers, and when to say it.
6. Oh, no. Not again! your future buyer wants you to sign an agreement that is stacked against you in every way.
Think your lawyer and investment banker will protect you? Think again. Learn what you need to successfully negotiate your deal so that you can retire wealthier and happier.
7. your business model probably sucks, but there's something you can do about it.
You have deep wealth in your company, and you don't even know it. Master the strategies necessary to extract your deep wealth with a few simple but powerful changes to your business model.
8. Do you know the one-and-only question to ask before you sell your business?
Most business owners never ask this one simple question before they sell their company. And by the time they ask, it's game over. Before you spend countless hours, and your hard-earned dollars, ask this one question. Your future depends on it.
9. Cash is king but only when it's in your pocket.
The Deep Wealth liquidity event playbook provides you with one simple thing to do that can save you millions. This one strategy alone is worth the price of admission.
10. This simple yet often overlooked strategy That helped us 10X The Value Of Our Company And Enjoy A 9-Figure liquidity event.
Most sellers make one mistake to their financial detriment. The self-interest of your advisors will have them tell you not to follow this path. Are you prepared to make the same mistake? Following the Deep Wealth liquidity event playbook makes you both wiser and richer.
11. The dream of every entrepreneur is to have their employees think like owners.
For most entrepreneurs, this dream slowly and painfully dies over time, and it costs them millions on their liquidity event. Learn how you can turn this dream into a reality. You do want to retire both richer and happier, right?
12. Do you suffer from the "golden handcuff" syndrome?
Most owners fall victim to having golden handcuffs. But didn't you start your business to have a life? Learn how to lose the "Golden Handcuffs," get your life back, and increase company value.
13. Massive success when selling your business is knowing what to do aND not do.
Your future buyer hopes you make mistakes. Every mistake you make is your money in the buyer's pocket. Wait a minute, you say, am I not protected by my advisors? The short answer is "no." Learn the most common mistakes that sellers make and how to avoid them.
14. Master the "best is yet to come" strategy, and you master Your future.
There are key factors that buyers look for when assigning a high value to companies. Mastering these little-known factors is the only way to ensure that your company value is off-the-charts.
15. Whoever said, "Don't Judge a book by its cover" has never sold a business.
Most sellers underestimate one key area, and never recover both in lost value and credibility. The irony is that preventing this requires minimal time and money. Do you know what this one area is? You should. Learn and master this strategy, and you'll laugh all the way to the bank.
16. Do you know how to create, build, and retain your dream team?
Most entrepreneurs fail to build a dream team and end up killing what would have been the deal of a lifetime. Step-by-step, learn how to build your dream team. Both your future buyer and bank account will thank you.
17. Revealed: The big secret Uncle sam doesn't want you to know.
We've seen this headline once too often: "Entrepreneur sells company and ends up broke." Truth is stranger than fiction. Are you the next tragic headline waiting to happen? The Deep Wealth liquidity event playbook teaches one simple and LEGAL thing you can do to keep more of your liquidity event money.
18. Want to secure your financial future? create a market disruption.
Easier said than done. What if you could do one thing that will help you liquidity event, and give you the inside track on your industry? We learned this strategy after our liquidity event, to our detriment. Let our loss be your gain.
19. Do you know how to choose an investment banker so you can dominate and win?
You have one chance to sell your company. Don't blow it. There are 9 key questions you must ask. Ignore these questions and traits at your peril.
20. Your investment bankers will think you walk on water when you do this one thing before hiring them.
Position yourself for a higher valuation and save time when you do this one thing. Do you know what this one thing is? You should but probably don't. You're not alone.
21. Do you have the right due diligence mindset to thrive & prosper?
Most sellers "fake it until they make it" but never make it. Don't let this be you. There are five keys issues that you should be intimately familiar with before selling your company. The Deep Wealth playbook will help you learn and master these five areas.
22. Stop losing And start winning when you stop believing 7 myths for selling your company.
What are these 7 myths? The Deep Wealth liquidity event playbook reveals what not to do so that you can win and prosper (a lot).
23. When it comes to selling your business, your first offer is not your best offer, unless you do these 6 things.
Most owners leave millions of dollars for the taking when selling their businesses. Will you be another statistic? Allow the Deep Wealth playbook to save you from making these fatal mistakes. Do this now, and you'll thank us later.
24. Want to retire rich & happy? Learn how to fire yourself and put your company out of business.
Sounds impossible? Most owners don't follow this one strategy. The owners that do, retire rich and happy.
25. Do you know the "Golden rule" for selling your business?
If you don't, you're not alone. Once we learned and mastered the Golden Rule, our liquidity event went from a 7-figure offer to a 9-figure offer. Our company value shot up 10X. Sound too good to be true? There's only one way to find out.

And there are many other insider secrets only 16 entrepreneurs students will get to master. Are you in? Click here to book a call with us, and let's see if we are a good fit.

If You Want A Successful Liquidity Event, Then You Have to Do What Works, and Avoid Like The Plague What Doesn't

You may be saying that all of this sounds nice, but you’re worried that there's too much to learn in too short a time. You may even be concerned that you don’t have the computer skills for the online experience.

Stop worrying and start living.

Remember us?

We are the eLearning guys who wrote many of the best practices that the industry still uses. We've designed our 12-week Deep Wealth experience specifically for owners like yourself, to get you on the fast-track to win.

Your Success Coach is your "Guide On The Side" whose only goal is your success through tracking your progress and answering your questions. Your Deep Wealth Mastermind Group helps you play to win by mastering each playbook strategy.

You'll also have exclusive access to our real-time insights, commentary, and suggestions. Our insights are from the trenches, pull no punches, and have only your success in mind.

We're here to HELP you every step of the way. The only question you should be asking is what's the real cost and downside of doing nothing.For starters, if you say “no” to the Deep Wealth experience are you also saying “no” to the opportunity of increasing your company value by 10X like we did? Simply put are you prepared to gamble with your future?

What's The Real Cost Not Doing The Deep Wealth Experience?

Let’s take gambling off the table. When you become part of the Deep Wealth experience, you have access to the same liquidity event playbook that helped us go from a company value 3-times to 13-times in less than 24 months.

Yes, you read that right. A 10X increase in company value.

Same company. Same people. Same offering.

Now you may be wondering what it costs to enroll in the Deep Wealth experience. The investment for the Deep Wealth experience is a rounding error compared to the time and money you'll spend without it.

It's not uncommon for investment bankers to charge upwards of $50,000 to start their engagement. Is it worth the effort and sleepless nights you'll spend going into a hamster wheel reality, trying to make your company sell for more, and end up more frustrated, and in more pain than when you started?

Einstein said it best: "We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them."

You were never one who settled for failure, why let your guard down now? You do know that the speed of implementation, and small incremental adjustments, is one key reason why top entrepreneurs achieve significant results and get things done.

Years of trial-and-error and millions of dollars later, we've perfected the Deep Wealth Experience for you. This is the same system that helped us increase our company value 10X.

Knowing What to Do and What Not to Do will Dictate Whether Your Liquidity Event Makes or Loses Millions of Dollars. You Choose.

The Investment of the Deep Wealth Experience is a Rounding Error for The Time & Money You'll Spend Without Our Playbook.

The Deep Wealth Experience is a
One-Time Investment of $35000

Can I pay in installments?

Yes. $5000 secures your spot. The balance is due before the first week of the Deep Wealth experience begins. Once you secure your place, your VIP Success Concierge will confirm the start date within 72 hours.

Is the Success Coach a real person?

Your success coach is a real person who helps with any questions you may have and ensures that you get the most out of mastering your Deep Wealth experience.

I was never much of a student, will I do well with the Deep Wealth experience?

We've left the theory and the classroom for the academics. The Deep Wealth experience is created by business owners for owners.

It's that simple. We created our playbook while running our company.

In creating our liquidity event playbook, we made mistakes. Too many mistakes too count. We lost track of the sleepless nights while creating our playbook. And we did this while dealing with the daily grind. Passion and sheer determination win. Always.

The great news is, we've already done the heavy lifting for you. We've spent millions of dollars and years of trial-and-error so you don't have to. Success in business and life is all about choices. The choice of how you spend your time and who you spend it with is what separates the winners from losers. Would you rather spend your own valuable time in figuring it out, or work with a proven system?

When it comes to selling your business, you've got one chance to get it right. Don't blow it.

It was with this in mind that we created our Deep Wealth experience. We'll show the way, save you time, and help you avoid making costly mistakes.

I am not comfortable with a computer or my smartphone. Can I still participate in the Deep Wealth Coaching system?

If you're reading this page you have what it takes for the Deep Wealth experience. Congratulations!

How many fellow entrepreneurs are in my Mastermind Group?

We've spent decades experimenting with the optimal size of an online Mastermind Group. To maximize your experience, the Deep Wealth Mastermind Group contains up to sixteen entrepreneurs.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

The Deep Wealth experience works.

That's why, if you're not fully satisfied, we offer a 100%, rock-solid, no-questions-asked guarantee. Ask for your money back before the start of module two, and receive a full refund. No hard feelings.

What if I don't have much time?

You've worked hard and sacrificed too much to leave millions of dollars on the table for your liquidity event.

We teach you everything, from A to Z. We leave no stone unturned.

We've already consolidated our decades of online learning experience in crafting the Deep Wealth system, to save you time and effort.

However, we can't take action on your behalf. You'll have to contact us, book a call, and see if you're the right fit for this program. Then we'll give you the details you'll need to make your first payment, and go from there.

As with your business, what you put in is what you get out.

The time spent learning and mastering the Deep Wealth playbook saves time and money. A lot of time and money.

I don't want my competitors or industry to know that I'm selling my business. How do you protect my privacy?

To provide you with the utmost privacy levels, we separate owners from the same industry. You may choose to be known on a first-name basis only.

How do I know if this the "real deal" and not some "get rich quick" scheme?

You haven’t forgotten us so quickly, have you?

All joking aside, you are protected with our money-back-guarantee. No questions asked.

Let’s not forget the best question to ask: How did we go from a value of 3 times to 13 times?

We dedicated ourselves to mastering the art and science of selling a company. Our playbook comes from our in-the-trenches experience. We've left the theory for the classroom. At Deep Wealth, our mission is to level the playing field. Starting N.O.W.

Your future buyer is smart, sophisticated, and experienced. Your future buyer is counting on you, like every other owner, to make mistakes.

Deep Wealth is our answer to the problem of your future buyer ripping you off on your liquidity event.

Do You Know How To Prepare For A Successful Liquidity Event?

We said "no" to a 7-figure offer and "yes" to a 9-figure offer in less than two years.

Don't believe for a moment that the skills you mastered to build your business are the same ones to sell your business.
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