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[00:01:44] Jeffrey Feldberg: Sandy Vo is a visionary, meditation teacher, and Yogi. She's the founder of the globally rated Prosperous The Podcast and her signature transformation program, Prosperous: School of Self-realization a 90-day integrative breakthrough experience for modern-day leaders.

Sandy encountered the path of meditation after living with crippling depression and anxiety for most of her teen years. Through practicing self transformational methods, Sandy learned how to self heal, mental, emotional, and physical trauma and break generational patterns. Today, Sandy speaks on stages, hosts live events and facilitates experiences for people to remember their true nature. Sandy supports others in bridging the gap between the outer world of achievements and the inner world of fulfillment.

Sandy offers a heart-centered holistic approach that integrates the mind, body, spirit and guides individuals, no matter how busy to experience life's greatest prosperity, self-realization she's also the co-founder of a conscious media platform Ladies Aligned. Sandy's work creates positive momentum for current and future generations.

Welcome to The Sell My Business Podcast. And I have a question for you. And the question is this when you think about your liquidity event, do you believe that there's an art side to not just getting any deal, but capturing the absolute best deal. And in my experience from the trenches, I'm going to leave the theory for the classroom and the books.

This is the real stuff. The answer is an absolute yes, but here's another question for you. If you're not on top of your game, if your inner world is just a mess and it's scattered and you're not laser focused, you're not energized. You're not feeling fulfilled. How do you think that's going to show up in terms of your outer world?

Not a great situation. The great news though, is today our guest is going to put us on the right path to make sure that we're doing everything right. That our inner world is in a terrific space and our outer world is just nothing but fulfillment, abundance, and all the good things that come along with that.

So Sandy, welcome to The Sell My Business Podcast. Such a pleasure to have you with us. Why don't we start off with my favorite question right at the beginning and it's this. When you think about your story, there's always a story behind the story, Sandy, what got you to where you are today?

[00:04:13] Sandy Vo: Thank you so much for having me. And I have to tell you, Jeffrey, that was one of the most energizing introductions to sit in, and what a great way to be introduced to your audience. So a little bit about my story and where it got started. I would say that since I was young, I was always interested in philosophy without knowing what philosophy actually meant.

I would always tell people how entertained I would be, even if I was spending time by myself, where if you put me in a room with a rock, I could look at the rock and probably give you something meaningful about that rock and how it relates to us as human beings. I remember when I was in college my friends called me the Vo Show and I had this quote board outside my dorm room door, and I would take my expo marker and every day there would be a quote that would just come from whatever I was inspired to share from my heart that morning. And so when I look back in my life that a lot of this desire to understand life at a deeper level and this desire to understand well, who am I started really young and a huge inspiration in my life was my cousin, Lena.

I remember we would have these nights where we would lay under the Willow tree and we would just look at the stars and we would watch all the fire lightning bugs in the sky. And we were like who made us if our parents made us and who made them, and then who made them and where did they come from?

And it just ended off in a place that we're so, infinite. And so for me, what changed this trajectory? What changed this desire to know life began when that same cousin that I'm talking to you about passed away from leukemia at a very young age, she was about to turn 21 years old.

And I was 19 at the time beginning my freshman year of college. And that along with, my father leaving and everything when I was younger kind of around the same time, led me down this trajectory of depression. So I started to overwork myself throughout college. I would juggle multiple different jobs while attaining a higher GPA.

And it's lots of extra credits. I signed up for a bodybuilding competition after I gained tons of weight. And I was in this place where I was part of the societal system of this is how you operate. And if you want to succeed in life, if you wanna prove something of yourself, you better earn it.

And this is how you do it. And I found myself chasing so many external things that were outside of me. And I thought if I have a nice body, it'll make me happy. If I have better, grades will make me happy. If I make more money, it'll make me happy. I had my first biggest paycheck, when I graduated out of college, I was knocking doors for a living selling environmental sales.

And I got my first $20,000 paycheck at 21 years old. And I remember not feeling happy. So I know that I constantly am reaffirmed in that true joy and true happiness comes from understanding our inner world and understanding who we are like that childlike wonder that I had when I was younger.

And that has been my quest through depression, I found meditation and I spend and devote my life teaching to entrepreneurs, physicians, leaders of all kinds, what it means to live a meaningful life, according to them, and what their inner wisdom tells them.

[00:07:33] Jeffrey Feldberg: Wow, Sandy firstly, thank you so much for being so vulnerable and open with some of your experiences growing up, which sounds like it just has such a catalyzing impact on you and who you would become. And I know for our listeners, some of them may be thinking Sandy, that's a wonderful story that you have of how you took yourself from some really challenging situations.

And you're able to get out of that and into a much better place. But you know, this meditation stuff and all this other I'll call it, woo, woo stuff that I hear out there. I don't know about that. I'm just so busy with my business. I don't have time to think. I don't have time really for anything else. Why should I even think about this? Why should I be trying to do some of the strategies that we're going to be talking about today?

And Sandy, I'd love for you to share with our listeners because you work with business owners, you work with leaders, you work with just with terrific people. At the end of the day let's put the titles aside people are people.

So what's in it for me. If I'm listening, as someone from our community will tune into our favorite radio station, WII.FM, the what's in it for me, radio station. Why should I care about this, Sandy? What's going on with that?

[00:08:45] Sandy Vo: Yeah it's a really great question. So I would ask you. How do you do what you do in order to make money in your life right now? How do you do it? It requires energy. Every morning you get up and you do certain things, or you have the energy, you feed your body food, which has calories, which converts to energy.

You're feeding that to your body so that you have energy to then input into your work system. However, work looks like for you and through that energy, you've received back in return energy in the form of a paycheck. So at the end of the day, everything is energy, and we can call it woo-woo. But this woo-woo is also science as well.

Science has proven that everything is energy. We all had learned in physics class that everything that we've touched, the pencil, the computer, the chair that we're sitting on, the car that we're driving in right now is made out of a bunch of vibratory action, all activating each other at the same exact time, creating this illusion that there is something physical that's actually there, but really it's energy, its vibration.

And so if at the very root of this, let's like cut away from the surface. If at the very root of this, it's all energy. Then why when we prioritize our own energy, why would we not value ourselves? Why would we not do things to feel good so that we can think more clearly so that we can make decisions that literally create the outcome of our lives.

There's this very beautiful saying from the Upanishads and it says you are your deepest driving desires. As your desires, so is your will, as is your will, so is your deed. As is your deed, so is your destiny. And the Upanishads are teachings that go back to thousands and thousands of years ago where men and women like you and I didn't have all these technologies, but we had very powerful inner technologies.

And we learned by looking out at the sky and investigating within ourselves, how our outer world reflects our inner world. And through those experimentations, we create the outcome of our lives. And so if you're feeling like I'm way too busy, I have no time to do any of these things first understand that there are a lot of misconceptions in your mind right now.

There are a lot of misconceptions around what you think meditation might be or what you think self-care or prioritizing your energy might look like. It does not require a lot of time at all. And secondly, I would invite you to notice where you are compromising your own energy for anything. And just notice how that feels in your body.

Do you feel drained at the end of the day, or do you feel like you're in a very peaceful, rested equilibrium place and you can rest your head at night very comfortably? So if you can sit with some of those questions and get really honest with yourself, then ask, is my energy even important? Or is this still just something that is woo woo?

[00:11:49] Jeffrey Feldberg: And what's really interesting there. And you did a beautiful job, Sandy, expanding that and taking our listeners into a different place. And for our listeners. Here's what I want you to think about. If you take some of the words that Sandy was using, and maybe you feel it's a little bit on the outer edge for you, let's put some science terms in there because, in quantum physics, you may hear something called The Field or The Quantum Field or The Universe, whatever you want to call it.

And here's the what's in it for you when you listen to what Sandy is talking about. And Sandy, for myself, like most business people, a book early on in my business career as an entrepreneur was Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich. And to me, that's kind of the old-school way of doing things. And you also mentioned the old-school way of doing things.

You were just taught certain things rightly or wrongly. This is how you do it. And it typically involves lots of effort, lots of time, hard work, and yes, you can get the success that way, but you're working hard. You're probably not working smart. When you're able to go within, at least in my own experience. When you can meditate when you have an inner world that's in the right place.

I'll use the word manifest. Maybe you want to use the word success, whatever you'd like to use. I find that we can not only get to the destination quicker, but we do it better and it happens. I'll also throw some other words out there, you know, maybe synchronicity or maybe luck, whatever you'd like to call it, but you're at the right place at the right time.

Or you're speaking to the person who can really make a difference that if you didn't speak to that person, that it otherwise wouldn't have happened. So all of these things start to collide together in a very positive way to get things to happen. So Sandy, maybe you can share with our listeners who are wondering, okay.

Yeah. I like the idea of the ability to get to my goals quicker, helping people first and then myself second. And in that order, how do I begin to do that? If I'm scattered, if I'm pressured, if I'm not feeling so good, I don't have a lot of energy at the end of the day. What's the first step?

[00:13:50] Sandy Vo: Yeah. I feel that this is a state that a lot of people end up getting to a place where they start looking into more alternative options and then they find me. And so they're feeling scattered at this point. And it's not that they're not making money. Some of them are actually very successful, but even with all the success, they're continuing to find themselves scattered. They find themselves waking up repeating the same things over and over again, and repeating the same habits as if they don't realize that they're walking through a revolving door that they could exit any time. So if you're feeling that type of energy where it feels like a hamster inside of a wheel or the feeling of running on a treadmill and not knowing that you can turn it off, you feel like you have to be on all the time.

The first step is to understand the spaciousness that your life is actually requiring from you right now. Oftentimes as leaders and business owners, we feel like we have to be on all the time. So we always prioritize our notifications on and we prioritize our emails before we even feed ourselves for example. And what I have to say about that is that when we're constantly experiencing stimulation in our waking state, then our mind doesn't have any space to actually make decisions from a standpoint that feels like it's a decision made from clarity, made from our own inner desires, made from our own deepest intentions and not so much the intentions of other people. And so spaciousness really allows you to be able to process more clearly. And this is one of the first things that I like to sit down with people to begin to observe.

What is your daily life looking like right now? And can you look at it from an outside objective as if you're watching a movie and you're looking into your life and you're watching this character go about through life? What are they doing within the time that they have when the light is out?

And then just begin to observe yourself because what you might begin to recognize is how you were on all the time. And there actually is very little space to prioritize your energy at all. And the best example that I can give of this is to imagine the last time that you were stuck trying to solve a problem, maybe it was a problem within your business.

Maybe it was a problem within a relationship. And you kept thinking and thinking and thinking about how to solve this problem you were thinking. But the point that we're missing and why we can't solve problems by just thinking and thinking all the time is that we're thinking at the same level of consciousness that created the problem to begin with.

And so what happens is when we step outside of that same environment and we take a walk outside. We go play a little bit. We do something that's completely different. We eat a piece of dessert that our bodies are craving or whatever that is when you just take that step outside. When you go for that workout.

When you give your mind a breath of fresh air. Suddenly the answer comes to you suddenly the problem that you are looking for, or the problem that you had has become resolved. And that's because of the spaciousness that has come through from that. And through that spaciousness, this is also what happens.

You were thinking from a higher level of consciousness now. You're no longer thinking from the same level of consciousness that created the problem, to begin with. So this is something that Albert Einstein said who was the father of so much that we learn in quantum physics. He says you can't solve a problem at the level at which it was created in order to solve a problem, you have to solve it from a higher level of consciousness.

[00:17:29] Jeffrey Feldberg: Wow, certainly a lot there. So let me ask you this because I know you have a 90-day program that you're working with for leaders and helping them just have breakthrough experiences. If you had a magic wand, Sandy, that we can have a clean slate. So if we're working with you, you can just change the way we do things.

Maybe you can walk us through an ideal day from the moment we wake up to when it's time to go to bed, how do we start changing our lives? What would be some of the daily best practices that would be effective for us?

[00:18:03] Sandy Vo: I can absolutely answer this question and what I will always guide you back to is that it has to relate to your own inner wisdom because what a perfect day looks like for you is going to be completely different than the person next to you. So just take all of this and take what resonates with you and then leave the rest.

But for me, when I looked back in my own journey, being someone that has had businesses as well, and I have this online platform here now. I've been the person that would wake up, get on the computer, answer emails and do all of that work-wise before I even feed myself before I meditated or any of those things.

And I realized that it wasn't sustainable and it was a fast track to burn out. And in a matter of fact, I did burn out. So I started applying my own practices. I started actually applying meditation and I started to wake up. I would let my body wake up. I don't wake up to an alarm. I would start to use every opportunity that I could.

I would almost basically inconvenience myself so that I could learn these skills. So I started to not keep an alarm on. I started to understand how to listen to my own body. I would tell myself, okay, wake up at 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM. And before you know it, I'm waking up at 4:56 AM before an alarm clock would even ring at five, if I had it on.

And so I start to take care of my body, getting into a movement, very slow gentle, easy movement, and then some breath work to actually move some of that breath through my body, that oxygen. And we don't really know. So much of the answers that we're looking for is within our own breath, our breath is our medicine.

And when you learn how to breathe properly from your diaphragm, just like the way that a baby is breathing from their diaphragm, which is how we all were breathing when we were younger. We're taking in so much oxygen throughout our bodies where we're leaving our nervous system and we're no longer operating from this place of stress, which is the denominator of so many things? It weakens our immune system when we are stressed. And so if you're, nervous even about getting sick, do this in the morning and it will help to decrease a lot of that stress. And then I would get into meditation and I would really take time to now focus on my mind.

Meditation is not what you think it is. It's not about quieting your thoughts. Meditation is an inner process of re-engineering your mind. So you're actually observing your thoughts as if there are birds that are flying in the sky.

So beaches, right oceans. We love going to the ocean. We love watching the waves so it's similar to you watching the waves of your thoughts, but you're not engaging with it. You're not judging it. You're not telling a story. You're not identifying with a meaning. You're just observing it. And through that process, it's almost like journaling.

You're just writing things down, but within your own mind, as you're observing it with no attachment, and the more that you do this, the more that you begin to understand your own consciousness. You understand what needs to happen in order to move forward? So you can have a successful day. And these are small daily actions that if you repeat every single morning, it changes the entire trajectory of your life because you're able to think and make decisions from a completely different space and scatter and stress.

So I would say that's a small portion of it and just spending a lot of time outdoors as well. There are a lot of negative ions within the earth, within the ocean that help our bodies quite a bit. So I would invite people to engage with that more as well.

[00:21:36] Jeffrey Feldberg: Wow, so much that's there. And two things in particular, Sandy, that really stood out for me. I like when you said our breath is our medicine and you're so right when you read the research or you hear the stories, we forget how to breathe. And we take really for granted how breath can either put us in a great place or if we're not breathing right.

It can just zap us of energy and even our health. Are there any breath exercises? That you can recommend for us how we should be breathing and may be different types of breath in the morning or at night or during the day.

[00:22:10] Sandy Vo: Yeah, absolutely. So before I teach, I have five different breathing techniques that I teach within the philosophy that I teach, which is called Shanta Royal Meditation. It stands for the Royal path of peace and there are different elements, but before I teach anybody, any of these breathing practices, I actually correct they're breathing first. So like I said before, a lot of us are breathing from our chest right now. So the moment that, you're afraid of something, you hold your breath, just like this, or like you're driving your car and somebody cuts you off. You're holding your breath. So a lot of us are actually living in that state 24/7 without realizing it.

So I would help to correct their breathing by learning diaphragmatic breathing. So the way that you learn diaphragmatic breathing is you put the pressure on your stomach. So what I invite a lot of my students to do is lay on their stomachs when they're sleeping or lay on their stomachs for two minutes every morning and just begin to feel their stomachs rising as they inhale.

Pushing off of the ground and then completely deflating as they exhale because a healthy diaphragmatic breath looks like your ribs, your belly, is rising out. Like you're blowing into a balloon every time you inhale. And as you inhale, your belly is rising out. Your collarbone is slowly rising up and then you release.

You're not breathing just from your chest. So I would invite you to lay on your stomach and begin to bring conscious awareness to your belly. As you're breathing in and out, you take an inhale through your nose, feel your stomach completely expanding, and then exhale, let the gravity from the floor or let the pressure from the floor, push up against you and repeat that process.

Or you can even take some weights. You can take some heavy books, you can put it on your stomach while lying on your back. If you have back issues and lying on your stomach is uncomfortable, then you lie on your back. You take some heavy books, put it on your diaphragm, and start to exercise your diaphragm in that way.

Those are just some very simple ways to begin to practice breathing diaphragmatically and then once you're done with that, you get into the more advanced breathing techniques, like alternate nostril breathing, or I teach a fire breath. These are more advanced breathing technologies that really help to cleanse the body and purify the mind.

And some of it just feels like you're drinking a straight shot of coffee. It's just how awake it makes you feel. But before you do that, teach your body, how to breathe, like the way that you did when you were a baby.

[00:24:42] Jeffrey Feldberg: And for our listeners, what I'd like you to imagine for just a moment with what Sandy's talking about, think about, let's take it to the business world and you've done a presentation. Think of a few presentations, one where you weren't so great. And one where you just absolutely hit it out of the park. I imagine in the presentation that you weren't so great, you're probably tense.

You may be nervous in both types of presentations, but perhaps you're overly nervous. You just were off your game and think of a presentation where you just brought it home. It was a success. And things began to happen because of that presentation. Yes, you may have been nervous, but I suspect you were probably relaxed.

You were enjoying yourself, you knew the material really well. You had a comfort level and that's where the magic begins to happen. So now when you take it from the business side and we go back to Sandy with what you're sharing on the breathing side and on the personal side, just imagine what you can do for your body when you're relaxed when you're doing the right breath work when you're feeling energized, and you're actually opening things up. You're expanding that you're able to just take your game to the next level. And then Sandy is circling back to what you said. You also said that when we meditate, it's really re-energizing the mind and just changing how we think. And I know when I speak to many people when it comes to meditation, Jeffrey, I don't have the patience or I just don't know how to do it, or I get really bored or I can't do a minute, let alone five minutes or 20 minutes.

What suggestions would you recommend in terms of how we can do for the beginning some type of meditation to get us into.

[00:26:18] Sandy Vo: Yeah, the easiest form of meditation for anybody that just cannot even have the wherewithal to sit down and meditate right now, that just feels so far removed from where they want to be. The first thing that I would invite you to do is ask yourself. What is something that I really love to do that every time I do this, I lose track of time and it's not allowed to be work for just a moment?

It's something that completely allows you to expand and focus your attention. So aside from work, cause I know that can feel like a focus place for a lot of us business people. But what about painting or if you're someone that likes to. I don't know, fix cars or whatever that might be.

What is something where when you engage all of your energy into it, you lose track of time? So do that. And that right there creates a similar experience as if you were meditating, because you're bringing all of your presence into the present moment. You are here and you are now, and that gives you the same experience as when you're meditating.

And I would start there. I started doing that activity three times or four times a week or daily. If you really want to begin to grow and challenge yourself. After you become comfortable with that after you're starting to feel good from let's use painting, for example, painting for five minutes every day, then that's when I would invite you to begin a one-minute meditation practice.

So when I'm teaching meditation, I don't teach people and tell them to go sit in meditation for 20 minutes. What generally happens is because most people are already overachievers. They will say, Okay.

She told me to meditate for 20 minutes. I'm going to try 40 minutes. So they'll sit down and they'll meditate for 40 minutes and they hate it so much that they end up not wanting to meditate again for another four years.

And so what I would invite you is to leave behind your overachiever mindset. There's really nothing that you have to earn here. You don't have to prove anything here. This is a safe space for you to be and give yourself permission to slow down your breathing, which naturally will slow down your thinking.

And then begin to listen to the breath, has this flowing in and out of your nose, right underneath your nostril. That's giving you a nice focal point right there. So for one minute, all you're doing is listening to your breath, flowing in as you inhale and out, as you exhale, that's your meditation right there.

If you can practice strengthening that muscle every day and you start getting comfortable, then I would say add a few more minutes. And once you get comfortable with that add a few more minutes. So if you're someone that goes to the gym, it's no different than building muscles. At first, when you go to the gym, you would not go in and your personal trainer would never tell you to pick up a 90-pound dumbbell because you would probably strain yourself.

It's the same way with meditation. You wouldn't go and sit down and meditate for a long period of time. You would strain yourself. So you start off with that two-pound dumbbell. You get comfortable with it. You build some muscle with it. You tear some muscle with it. You build some muscle with it. Once you're comfortable with that two pounds, the next week you add on another 5 pounds, then you go up to 10, you go up to 20 and 25 and now you're just increasing your reps.

Meditation works the same way. You start off with one minute. You get the form. There's a very particular system when it comes to breathing and meditating correctly. So even though the meditation is one minute. You gotta sit properly or train your body so that you have the right form, just like working out.

And once you get that form, all you need to do is focus your attention for that one minute at a time. And you've quickly will slowly to increase your reps.

[00:30:09] Jeffrey Feldberg: A lot there, but I have to share with our listeners it's well worth the time and effort. And let me bring this home for everyone because you might be wondering, okay, sure. This sounds great. But what does it have to do with the business? What does it have to do specifically with a liquidity event after all I'm listening to The Sell My Business Podcast and the answer there is, there really is a method to the madness.

So I want you to imagine that you are now in your liquidity event, things are tracking along, but you're going to have challenges. The deal may die a thousand times before it comes back to life. You're going to have stress. You're going to have pressure. You're going to have to make important decisions again, for most business owners, that liquidity event it's the most important and the largest financial decision of a lifetime.

So here's the question. And granted, it's a rhetorical question, when you're making decisions that affect the rest of your life, are you better making those decisions when you're scattered, when you're in a low energy place when you're confused or you better making those decisions when you have clarity, when you have energy, when you have focus and again, rhetorical question, but we all know where we want to be.

If you don't know how to get that clarity, how to get that focus, how to get that energy, you're going to be in trouble. And in a liquidity event, Sandy, we have something that a lot of business owners will go through and it's called deal fatigue. And a lot of buyers, the sophisticated and the experienced buyers, they will do anything and everything to get a business owner into deal fatigue.

Where you're just tired. You're going to give in on terms you otherwise wouldn't have given in on because you're tired. You're frustrated. You just want to get over and done with, and you want to move on to the next chapter. You don't want that during your liquidity event and the strategy Sandy, that you're sharing help protect us against the deal fatigue, and in the nine-step roadmap, there are all kinds of strategies of how you build out a winning mindset that also protect you from deal fatigue. So when you combine the two of them, you really become a force to be reckoned with, and you can do some terrific things in terms of.

Again, not capturing any deal by capturing the absolute best deal. And Sandy, I'm wondering, as we're talking here and someone's walking away from this podcast and if they had to do one thing in one thing only, what would that be in terms of your advice to them of what they should be thinking about?

[00:32:39] Sandy Vo: I know one of your steps is having a winning mindset. And I really love that because everything that we think drives the reality that we live. So my one advice would be, if you can take time to just slow down and observe your thoughts more, it's going to help you to understand what is hiding within your subconscious or your unconscious programming.

That's preventing you from actually being able to grow the way that you want to grow. Or to sell your business the way that you want to sell it, are you actually taking a deal that's the best for you? Or are you just taking the deal? Like your story Jeffery, how you, how to walk away from a seven-figure offer.

And then two years later, or however many years later you had an offer that was nine figures. And so it's the same situation if you don't have that winning mindset, or if you haven't trained your mind to think from a clear place, then you're gonna make decisions that will hurt in the long run.

And so I'd invite you to take time to observe your thoughts and understand that there might be some unconscious programming there that's causing you to make decisions that aren't coming from a more grounded place and give yourself so much grace and love in this process because it takes a lot of work to undo.

A lot of our result is in the environment that we grew up in as well. Our society, our school systems have trained us to think and operate in a certain way. So in my eyes, when you have a winning mindset, including doing things to train yourself to have a winning mindset. It gives you the ability to now begin to change that trajectory.

And you are trailblazing the path, not just for yourself and the legacy that you're leaving behind, but also for the generations that come after you as well.

[00:34:31] Jeffrey Feldberg: Some words for the wise certainly. And thank you for sharing that Sandy. So Sandy, let me ask you this. As we begin to wrap up the podcast, let's do a thought experiment. And I want you to think about the movie Back to the Future and in the movie you have that magical DeLorean car that can take you to any point in time.

So Sandy is now tomorrow morning, you look outside your window. The DeLorean car is there and the door is open. You hop in and you can now go back to any point in your life. Maybe it's Sandy as a child or a teenager, young adult, whatever the case would be. What are you telling your younger self Sandy in terms of do this, but don't do that?

Or here are some lessons learned here's some life wisdom. What would that be like for you?

[00:35:18] Sandy Vo: Yeah. So when you said that, I went back to a time where I was playing outside. I had my toys, but I also was playing with dirt. So I was just like moving the dirt around and so happy. I could feel the sun on my body. I could see the shades with the leaves changing and noticing these simple things. And for me, it's a reminder to my younger self that we think that we want so many things, but it's truly the simplicity of life that brings the most joy. And so it's a reminder that the more that you can simplify your life, the more that you can appreciate and be grateful for what is right in front of you. The more that you are no longer seeking for a purpose, you realize that you are that purpose.

And all that's left to do is to learn the lessons that we're here to learn as human beings, having these experiences grow from them and begin to embody my life in a way where I can look back and just be so grateful and honored that I got to live this life. And I got to have this experience.

[00:36:21] Jeffrey Feldberg: Wow. There's so much wisdom in that Sandy and I really like your take on simplicity and how that simplicity can lead to fulfillment and really optimizing your life for happiness. And thank you so much for sharing that. Sandy, I will put this in the show notes, so it'll be a point and click for our listeners.

Where would be the best place online for someone to get in touch with you?

[00:36:42] Sandy Vo: Yeah, so you can find me on my website. It's and you can get access to my YouTube videos on there. I'm making more of a docu-series type of videos now and sharing more in that way. And you can also find access to my program Prosperous School Self-realization it's a 90-day program and you can find access to retreats. As well as to prioritize and optimize your mind, body, and spirit. So everything is on my website.

[00:37:14] Jeffrey Feldberg: Love it. And again, we'll have that link there. And for our listeners, I really encourage you to take Sandy up on her offer because when your inner game is right, everything else is going to fall into place and it'll happen a lot more quicker and just more effortlessly than it would otherwise. Well, Sandy, as we wrap up this episode a heartfelt thank you so much for taking part of your day and spending it on The Sell My Business Podcast. And as always, please stay healthy and safe.

[00:37:39] Sandy Vo: Thank you, Jeffrey. You're such a great host.

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Kam H.: If you don't have time for this program, you'll never have time for a successful liquidity

Sharon S.: It was the best value of any business course I've ever taken. The money was very well spent.

Lyn M.: Compared to when we first began, today I feel better prepared, but in some respects, may be less prepared, not because of the course, but because the course brought to light so many things that I thought we were on top of that we need to fix.

Kam H.: I 100% believe there's never a great time for a business owner to allocate extra hours into his or her week or day. So it's an investment that will yield results today. I thought I will reap the benefit of this program in three to five years down the road. But as soon as I stepped forward into the program, my mind changed immediately.

Sharon S.: There was so much value in the experience that the time I invested paid back so much for the energy that was expended.

Lyn M.: The Deep Wealth Experience compared to other programs is the top. What we learned is very practical. Sometimes you learn stuff that it's great to learn, but you never use it. The stuff we learned from Deep Wealth Experience, I believe it's going to benefit us a boatload.

Kam H.: I've done an executive MBA. I've worked for billion-dollar companies before. I've worked for smaller companies before I started my business. I've been running my business successfully now for getting close to a decade. We're on a growth trajectory. Reflecting back on the Deep Wealth, I knew less than 10% what I know now, maybe close to 1% even.

Sharon S.: Hands down the best program in which I've ever participated. And we've done a lot of different things over the years. We've been in other mastermind groups, gone to many seminars, workshops, conferences, retreats, read books. This was so different. I haven't had an experience that's anything close to this in all the years that we've been at this.

It's five-star, A-plus.

Kam H.: I would highly recommend it to any super busy business owner out there.

Deep Wealth is an accurate name for it. This program leads to deeper wealth and happier wealth, not just deeper wealth. I don't think there's a dollar value that could be associated with such an experience and knowledge that could be applied today and forever.

Jeffrey Feldberg: Are you leaving millions on the table?

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