Actually Useful Advice On How To Maximize Pandemic Business Opportunities

Do you know what pandemic business opportunities are and if they exist?What if I told you that the only question to ask is, how do you leverage pandemic business opportunities?In both life and business, the only constant is change.You started your business by finding a painful problem that you were passionate to solve.Yes, you had sleepless nights, worked long hours, and failed forward. You persisted and found a way to not only survive but to thrive.In the process, you became the world's best at solving a painful problem affecting many people. As a result, you and your business went from zero to hero.You choose if a pandemic breaks your empire or makes it.Be one of the few that know how to find and leverage pandemic business opportunities.Whether you realize it or not, the strategies to grow your business or sell it are the same. Either way, you win.Who am I, and how do I know?I was that kid who started his eLearning company right out of school with no money, experience, or team. The truth is, I had no business being in business.My grit and passion kept me in the game long enough to experience success. With success came attention to my business.I said "no" to a 7-figure unsolicited offer based on three times EBITDA. At the same time, I said "yes" to mastering the art and science of selling a business.Two years later, I sold my eLearning company for 9-figures based on 13-times EBITDA.How did I do it?Keep reading.

Pandemic Business Opportunities Are Born Out Of New Problems That Need Creative Solutions

Don't find fault, find a remedy - Henry Ford
Solutions Pandemic Business Opportunities

You didn't ask for a pandemic to strike and put you and your business at risk.While you don't control what happens around you, but you do control your reactions.You now have a decision to make.You can do nothing, or instead, look for pandemic business opportunities.Pandemic business opportunities are born out of new problems that need creative solutions.The truth is, pandemic business opportunities are market disruptions.Read and prosper from "This Is How You Pivot Your Business So You Can Conquer And Win."Every successful entrepreneur found and solve a painful problem. When a pandemic strikes, new problems arise that need creative and quick solutions.Your business is a testament to your ability to find and solve a painful problem. You solved the problem so well that people pay you to take their pain away.Whether you realize it or not, a pandemic can be a blessing in disguise for your business.Do you know the one question you must ask to find pandemic business opportunities?The question you must ask your customers: "What keeps you up at night?"Ask the question and listen as though the future of your business is at stake because it is.Find a problem that you're passionate to solve for your customers, and the rest will take care of itself.Do you know one of the side benefits of a pandemic and pandemic business opportunities?Keep reading.

Find And Hire New Talent To Leverage Pandemic Business Opportunities

The key for us, number one, has always been hiring very smart people - Bill Gates

Do you know two of the many things that a pandemic ushers into your life?First, pandemic business opportunities that can make or break your business.Second, unprecedented access to new talent to help you leverage pandemic business opportunities.During a pandemic, it's common for many businesses to sideline employees.A pandemic gives you unprecedented access to hiring new talent.When you hire smart and talented people, you're doing two things.First, you are providing relief to the people you hire and their families. There are not enough words to express the difference you've made.Second, you're accelerating the success of your business as a result of the new talent you hired.Who hires during a pandemic when money is tight, and the future is uncertain?Businesses that are both prepared and are playing to win.Read and prosper from "Perfect Advice You Need On How To Pandemic-Proof Your Business."Pandemics have a unique ability to speed up the adoption of new habits, systems, and processes. Often, a pandemic can do in months what would otherwise take years.Once you find pandemic business opportunities, do you know how to leverage them?Keep reading to learn how.

The Winners Of A Pandemic Are The Businesses That Understand And Master The New Rules

Success is being faithful to your core values while embracing change. - Jeffrey Feldberg
New Rules Pandemic Business Opportunities

Of the many things a pandemic unleashes, business owners must focus on three things.First, pandemic business opportunities that can make or break your business.Second, new rules of engagement for both business and society.The winners of a pandemic are the businesses that both understand and master the new rules.Do you know the businesses that not only survived but thrived from the COVID-19 pandemic?Businesses that were either already online or changed to have an online presence.During a pandemic, know that what worked yesterday will not work today.In the blink of an eye, the COVID-19 pandemic changed the rules of engagement. Businesses that rely on face-to-face interactions must either pivot or perish.Business owners that figure out how to take their business online are the winners.The smart business owners leveraged pandemic downtime to their competitive advantage.Read and prosper from "Top Advice For How To Maximize Your Pandemic Downtime That Will Make You Win The Day."Doing what's right is often not easy, and pivoting during a pandemic is no exception.Your challenge is to keep to your core values while you embrace massive change.Technology and trends change, core values don't.Remember your core values as you master the new rules of business. Embrace your core values as you find and conquer pandemic business opportunities.Pandemic business opportunities give you the chance to change one important thing. This one thing can help you skyrocket both your company value and profits.Do you know what this one thing is?Keep reading.

How Pandemic Business Opportunities Help You Dominate And Win Through New Business Models

Tell me your business model, and I'll tell you your future - Jeffrey Feldberg

The honest truth is that most business models suck, and their business owners don't even know it.Are you one of those business owners?Read and prosper from "Why Your Business Models Sucks And What You Need To Do About It."If you want to keep your business forever, sell it tomorrow, or both, your business model is everything.A pandemic ushers in massive change.A silver lining of a pandemic is the opportunity for you to roll out a massive change to your business. Your customers expect change, as do your employees.Don't let this opportunity go to waste.The most effective business model incorporates two things:

  1. Recurring revenue through a subscription service
  2. Profit sharing

Most business models are a one-time transaction.Your challenge is that you have no idea of when your customers will buy again if it all.Enter a subscription service where your customers pay each week, month, or year.Welcome to predictable cash flow and investing with confidence in your business.Next up is profit sharing with your customers. Easier said than done. How do you achieve profit sharing?Find and solve a painful problem for your clients.In my eLearning company, we helped fill the seats with students and kept the seats filled.Through profit sharing, universities had no risk and everything to gain.Everybody won, including the students.Look for and find pandemic business opportunities. Focus on the painful problems you're passionate about solving.Become world-class in solving the problem and get creative in your business model.Do this today, and your company profits and value will soar tomorrow.

Why Pandemic Business Opportunities Allow You To Do Today What You Couldn't Yesterday

All things are difficult before they are easy - Thomas Fuller
New Rules Pandemic Business Opportunities

Do you know why a pandemic allows you to change things today that you couldn't do yesterday?The short answer is timing.In both business and life, timing is everything.The timing of a pandemic itself is what ushers in pandemic business opportunities.A pandemic also changes the mindset of people who are now more open to change.The truth is that your customers expect and hope you'll change so your business can live another day.What can you change?Anything and everything.But first, start by changing how you take care of yourself, especially during a pandemic.Read and prosper from "5 No BS Ways To Thrive In Challenging Times."Leveraging pandemic business opportunities allow you to take stock of your business.With the help of your team, ask three simple questions, and provide honest answers. Your three to thrive are:

  • What's working?
  • What's not working?
  • What do you need to change?

With your list of what's not working and how you can change or fix the situation, put plans in place to change.A pandemic can either be negative or positive on you and your business. The choice is yours.It may be time to cut a money-losing product or service that your customers love. Now is also the time to change procedures that lead to higher efficiencies and profits.The only limit is your imagination.The bottom line is the bottom line.Your business can thrive and prosper when you leverage business opportunities. At the same time, cutting what no longer works has your company healthier and more resilient.Higher profits and happier customers result.Congratulations, you've created a win-win-win.


You can't control what happens around you, but you do control your reaction, even during a pandemic.A pandemic can be the end of your business, or instead, the beginning of a prosperous new chapter.The choice is yours.Within every pandemic are pandemic business opportunities that do two things.First, solving pandemic business opportunities is a service to your community and society.Second, pandemic business opportunities can help make your business more robust and profitable.Who am I, and how do I know?I was that kid who started his eLearning company right out of school with no money, experience, or team.My saving grace was my grit and passion that kept me in the game long enough to succeed. My success caught the attention of an experienced and sophisticated buyer.I received a 7-figure offer based on three times EBITDA from the buyer who was more like a wolf in sheep's clothing.I said "no" to the offer and "yes" to learning how to master the art and science of growing and selling a business. Yes, selling a business is as much art as it is science.Two years later, I sold my eLearning company for 9-figures based on 13-times EBITDA. I increased my company value 10X even though it was the same company, people, and service.Today I help business owners grow their business, sell it, or both.Learning how to survive during a pandemic strengthens both your company and profits.It's up to us business owners to lead the charge on the new normal after a pandemic.Now's the time to take your shot, help others, and make a difference.You can do it. I know you can.Here's to you and your success!Your Biggest Raving Fan,Jeffrey Feldberg

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