Compete Against Yourself Today So You Can Start Living The Dream Tomorrow

Compete against yourself, not your competition, if you want to dominate and win.Is business success that simple?Yes.Competing against your competition is like driving and looking in the rearview mirror. You're on the road to nowhere whose destination is failure.When you compete against yourself, it's like driving and looking at the road ahead. You're on the road of opportunity and have set yourself up for massive success.Who am I and how do I know, you ask?It's a great question.A quick story.I was that kid who started his business, an EdTech, out of school with no money, experience, or team.Failure became my new best friend. It was my grit and passion to solve a painful problem that kept me in the game.But grit and passion are not enough.My EdTech went from losing to dominating the industry when I changed one thing.At the start, I didn't know what I didn't know. My obsession stopped being how I can help people, and instead, became my competition.I attended the same trade shows as my competition and read the same industry rags.In believing the hype from my competition and comparing myself to them, I sold myself short. Talk about monkey-see-monkey-do.When you compete against your competition, you rob yourself of success in five areas.Compete against yourself in five key areas to thrive and win. Win big.Did it work for me?You bet.My EdTech disrupted the market, dominated the industry, and I enjoyed a 9-figure exit.What was the one thing I changed and the five key areas I was missing out on?Keep reading to find out.

Stop Being Miserable And Start Being Happy When You Compete Against Yourself.

Happy Compete Against Yourself
Comparison is the thief of joy. - Theodore Roosevelt

Success in both business and life is having the right state of mind.Do you know the formula to be miserable, unhappy, and blindsided by life?Compete against your competition.When you compete against your competition, you force yourself to act and be like them, instead of you.Every person is born with a unique set of gifts. It's up to you to find your gifts and take them to the world.Until you do, you'll never realize your full potential. If you can't do this for you, do it for the countless people whose lives you'll change for the better.The day you compete against yourself, instead of the competition, is the day you change your life.Make each day a challenge to be better than one before. Yes, there will be days when you "fail." From the so-called failure comes learning. And from your learning comes progress.When you compete against you, you become the person you were always meant to be. You change the world by realizing your natural gifts and talents.When you compete against yourself, you stop being miserable and instead, welcome happiness.From your happiness, you unlock the gates of opportunity to conquer and win.Compete against yourself to protect yourself from one trait that kills success. Do you know what this is?You should, but probably don't.Keep reading to find out.

Compete Against Yourself To Obliterate Mediocrity So You Can Welcome Your Inner Genius

Compete against yourself to unlock your inner genius and success - Jeffrey Feldberg

Compete against yourself to unlock your inner genius, creativity, and success.Successful entrepreneurs are successful from solving a painful problem they're passionate to solve.Read and prosper from "Make More Money Now By Solving Massive Problems."To solve painful problems that you're passionate to solve requires your creativity. And it's your creativity that guides you to do what nobody has done before.Competing against your competition sets you up for failure. Your inner genius and creativity vanish. You and your company become mediocre at best or awful at worst.The world neither needs nor tolerates another "me too."Your competitors are successful because their companies are a reflection of their personality.Comparing yourself to others robs you of your unique abilities, gifts, and personality. All day. Every day.My EdTech's success started the day I decided to compete against myself.Every day I challenged myself to do better than the day before.How did you do this?Talk to your customers and ask questions, lots of questions.My company and future forever changed after a customer answered one specific question.Read and prosper from, "5 Business Questions That Will Make You Successful (And Happy)."Free yourself from the shackles of mediocrity when you compete against yourself. In place of mediocrity is your inner genius and creativity to solve painful problems.Banish mediocrity when you decide to compete against yourself. Do this today. You'll thank me tomorrow.

Compete Against Yourself To Create And Build A Rich Company Culture

Culture Compete Against Yourself
With nothing to compare yourself to, aren’t you perfect? - Byron Katie

Compete against yourself to create and build a rich and unique company culture.Thinking about selling your business so you can retire rich and happy?You better have a rich company culture.Despite lacking money, cockroach startups become industry giants because of their company culture.The best technology and all the money in the world cannot buy culture.Successful companies are successful because their employees and customers believe in the vision.When employees thrive from a company vision, they pass their enthusiasm to customers.Customers, in turn, continue to motivate employees.The interaction between employees and customers creates a positive loop. Company culture benefits, your customers are loyal and happy, and your profit soar.Your future buyer will pay a premium for your company because of its culture.And if you decide to keep your company, your culture ensures you thrive. All day. Every day.Competing against yourself creates a rich company culture and a win-win for everybody.Let's go from a win-win to a lose-lose.Do you know the one thing that robs you of your precious time?You should, but probably don't.Keep reading to find out how you can protect your time, thrive, and prosper.

Why Comparing Yourself To Others Robs You Of Your Precious Time And Future Success

Comparing yourself to others is an act of violence against your authentic self. - Iyanla Vanzant

Do you know the one thing that both a pauper and prince have in common?1,440 minutes a day.When you compare yourself to others, you rob yourself of precious time. And while you're at it, you zap yourself of your energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.By comparing yourself to others, you focus on things you have no control over. Your competitors know why they do what they do.By the time you find out what your competitors are doing, it's already too late. And even if you did know what your competitors are planning, you have no control over the process or outcome.Comparing yourself to others takes time. Time, not money, is your most precious resource.Read and prosper from "Stop Wasting Time and Skyrocket Your Success."When you compete against yourself, you have control over your time, focus, and actions.While you're at it, competing against yourself has you happier. And when you're happier you're more productive.When you decide to compete against yourself, you create a positive loop. The happier you are, the more productive you become. The more productive you become, the happier you are.Stop playing the fool's game of comparing yourself to others.Instead, start winning (today) and compete against yourself.

Want To Know How To Create A Market Disruption So You Can Dominate And Win? Compete Against Yourself.

Disruption Compete Against Yourself
To be an overachiever you have to be an over believer - Dabo Swinney

Whether you plan to sell your company or keep it, create a market disruption, and lock in your future success.How do you create a market disruption?Check out "Why You Need To Create Market Disruption To Lead, Succeed, And Prosper," for the details.The short answer is to compete against yourself. Starting right now.When you compete against yourself, you set yourself up for success every day.By looking for ways to be better today than you were yesterday, you set yourself up for success.From the time you save, you can join a mastermind group. In turn, your mastermind group can help you find and obliterate your business blind spots.Why is this important?The irony of success is that success can make your company stale and irrelevant to the market.Solving the painful problem that put you in business won't keep you in business.Instead, you must always look for the next painful problem you're passionate to solve.Whether you know it or not, when you compete against yourself, you're on the lookout for the new problems to solve.My EdTech created a market disruption shortly after I decided to compete with myself.And it was the same market disruption that eventually led to a 9-figure exit.The smart money is the decision to compete against yourself.The choice is yours. Choose wisely.


Do you want your business to dominate and win?Compete against yourself instead of comparing yourself to your competition.Is business success that simple?Y.E.S.Comparing yourself to others puts you on the road called "nowhere" whose destination is a dead end.How do I know?I was that kid who started his business, an EdTech, out of school with no money, experience, or team.My EdTech went from losing to dominating the industry when I changed one simple thing.What's the one simple thing, you ask?The decision to compete against me.When you compete against yourself, you set yourself up in five key areas that lead to success.Does it work, you ask?Yes.My EdTech disrupted the market, dominated the industry, and I enjoyed a 9-figure exit.If I can do it, so can you, starting right now.Begin with the first principle and stay with until you master it. Focus on one principle at a time until you master it. Do this for all five principles, and you've set yourself up for success.You'll be happier, achieve more, and write your future.The great news is that everything you need you already have within you.So what are you waiting for?Here's to you and your success!Your Biggest Raving Fan,Jeffrey Feldberg

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