Why You Need To Simplify For Success To Dominate And Win

Simplify for success.Three words.Why should you care, you ask?[tweet_dis url="http://jef.tips/sfs16"]You should care because massive success is simplicity at its best.[/tweet_dis]Amelia Barr agreed when she said:

It is always the simple that produces the marvelous.

To simplify for success is easier said than done.Most people come up short in the success, riches, and fulfillment department.Why?People are mavericks at over complicating things.But it's not fair, you say.Your hard work, commitment, passion, and effort should count for something.You're right.Life isn't fair.[tweet_box design="default" url="http://jef.tips/sfs16" float="none"]Magic happens when you simplify for success knowing that activity isn't progress.[/tweet_box]Could success be that easy?Yes.If you know what you're doing and how to do it.Sucess leaves clues. Many clues.And I should know.When I first launched my EdTech, Embanet, I started with no money, experience, or team.I became a success detective.Along the way, I made it a point to both meet and study billionaires and titans of industry.At the top of my list was to listen, learn, and try anything and everything.As painful as it was, I failed my way forward to success.Whatever didn't work I chalked up to my education in knowing what not to do.When something worked, I did more of it.Along the way, I built a profitable eight-figure business.My so-called secret was to simplify for success.How do you simplify for success, you ask?It's a great question.And the only way to find out is to keep on reading.

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Simplify For Success By Focusing On The One Thing You Do Really Well

Focus Simplify For Success
If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself. - Albert Einstein

Successful companies realize that they must simplify for success to thrive and prosper.Google has a simple interface and gives you the answer you're looking for in seconds.Netflix makes it easy to watch entertaining shows with minimal effort.Buy great products at low prices on Amazon with the click of one button. In two days or less, your items arrive.My Edtech generated high profits for universities delivering online programs. We helped universities fill the seats, keep the seats filled, and graduate students.How do you find your one thing?Start by finding a massive problem you're passionate to solve. In figuring out how to solve the problem, ensure you play to your strengths.And don't forget to ensure that you have fulfillment in your one thing so you can be both successful and happy.When you find your one thing, stay with it. Learn to say no to everything else.Do your one thing better than everyone else.Know that you'll miss the target (a lot) in the beginning. Stay with your one thing until you master it.It took me a while to perfect my one thing, but when I did, my business took off. So did my fulfillment.Do as the titans of business do and simplify for success by focusing on your one thing that you do really well.

Simplify For Success So You Can Dominate And Win

Dominate And Win
The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook. - William James

Simplify for success so you can dominate and win both in business and in life.Most people get it wrong. On the surface success is a result based on numbers.Numbers like profits, growth, revenue, and customer satisfaction.But behind the numbers is the real story.People.People drive success, not numbers.What are you doing, my dear reader, to ensure that your life is set up to dominate and win?Most people come up short in this department because they have the wrong mindset.Even the right mindset will have you fail if you believe in success myths from so-called experts.[tweet_box design="default" url="http://jef.tips/sfs16" float="none"]Simplify for success and set yourself up to win through proven daily habits that get you big results.[/tweet_box]Check out my post '9 Things Rich And Successful People Always Do' for habits that get results.Highlights of these success habits include:

  • Daily reading
  • Putting yourself first
  • Surrounding yourself with winners
  • Making your health a priority
  • Waking up early

If you can't take care of yourself, you will not be successful.Success starts and ends with you.When you simplify for success, you remove the distractions in your life to free up your time and mindset.I've won big, and I've lost big.What's the difference, you ask?I've won big in business and life when I put myself first so I can focus on dominating and winning.It's that simple.And if I can do it, so can you.

Simplify For Success By Ensuring Everyone Understands What You're About

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci

Simplify for success by ensuring everyone understands what you stand for and what you do.When you're searching for something on the web, you'll 'Google' it.When you need a ride somewhere, you'll 'Uber' it.Google and Uber simplify for success by ensuring everyone understands what they do.Does everyone understand what you do?If not, my dear reader, you better get to work. Fast.When I ran my EdTech, Embanet, I was 'pain relief for your eLearning headaches.'University Presidents knew Embanet was about convenience and profits.Convenience to get online fast with a proven system.Profits for the opportunity to earn large profits with no risk.Prospective students wanted convenience and opportunity.Convenience to take a degree program at any time from anywhere.Opportunity to earn a degree that will get that job promotion, pay raise, or career change.Simplify for success, so everyone knows what you're about with these three questions:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Who do you serve?
  3. What problem are you solving

Once you've answered those questions, run it by a six-year-old. If the six-year-old understands what you do, you're good to go.But if the six-year-old has more questions than answers, go back to the three questions and try again.The next step to simplify for success will change your world (and your bank account).Simplify For Success By Finding The 20% Of Your Actions That Drive 80% Of Your Results

Pareto's Law
There are only about a half dozen things that makes 80% of the difference in any area of our lives. - Jim Rohn

Simplify for success by finding the small number of actions that result in the best results.[tweet_box design="default" url="http://jef.tips/sfs16" float="none"]Winners 20% of your actions are driving 80% of your results.[/tweet_box]How can this be, you ask?Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist, noticed that 20% of the population owned 80% of the land.Pareto tested this theory in business, nature, and his garden of sweet peas.Pareto's Law or the 80/20 rule is a game changer for your life, your business, and your bank account.When you simplify for success, you let your passion rule the day.To find out what 20% of the activities to focus on, ask:

  1. What do you love?
  2. Think about what you excel in and ask what you're good at doing?
  3. What does the world need from you
  4. And finally, what can you get paid for doing?

The Japanese call this 'Ikagai.' In the West, we call it a life worth living.Back in my EdTech days, my Ikagai was sharing my vision of eLearning with Universities.Together, we dreamed of changing the social fabric of society through online learning.When I decided to simplify for success, my dream became a reality.And something else magical happened. Keep reading to learn what.

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Simplify For Success And Put Your Customers And Profits First

Customers First
Nothing is more simple than greatness; indeed, to be simple is to be great. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you simplify for success, you put both your customers and profits first.It's great for your customers and your bank account.Cockroach startups and entrepreneurs who bootstrap their company do this.So should you.Afterall, you got into business to help people solve a massive problem.Unfortunately, entrepreneurs forgot the 'why' and instead, focus on surviving the daily grind.And let's not forget that if you have no customers, you have no business.How do you put customers first, you ask?Your 'five to thrive' for putting customers first includes:

  • Understand the problem your customers have and figure out how to solve it for them
  • Call customers and ask them how you're doing
  • Add a personal touch with a handwritten thank you note
  • Train your team to ensure they keep clients smiling through industry-leading service
  • Make your customers' problem your problem, and deal with it

At Embanet we treated every call as though the company's survival depended on it. Because it did.Our motto 'whatever it takes' kept things simple for us and had Embanet stand out from the competition.[tweet_box design="default" url="http://jef.tips/sfs16" float="none"]Take care of your customers, and your customers will take care of your profits.[/tweet_box]When you simplify for success, you look for the 20% of your customers that generate 80% of your profits.Now you know.

Simplify For Success With Daily Rituals Thay Win The Day (Every Day. All Day.)

Daily Rituals
Our life is frittered away by detail. ...Simply, simplify. - Henry David Thoreau

Simplify for success through daily rituals that help you win the day. Every day. All day.Rich and successful people are rich and successful for a reason.Daily rituals.Every billionaire, millionaire, and ultra-successful person I've met has a daily ritual.So should you.Daily rituals to help you win the day include:

  • Waking up early
  • Reading (a lot)
  • Saying 'no' more than 'yes'
  • Put yourself first (and not be a jerk)
  • Daily exercise, solid sleep, and healthy eating

Rhett Powers agrees. Powers pens a great article that shares morning rituals of super successful people.Powers reviewed 83 different studies on self-control. The results may surprise you.It turns out that us humans have a limited amount of self-control. Rituals help you get things done by making the most of your day.[tweet_box design="default" url="http://jef.tips/sfs16" float="none"]Simplify for success with rituals that maximize your health, energy, and focus.[/tweet_box]I'll let you in on a secret.My daily rituals played a huge role in building an eight-figure business. For me, rituals cut out the noise and had me focus on the what mattered.And remember, my dear reader, I started my business with no money, experience, or team.If I can do it, you most certainly can.

Simplify For Success And Reap The Rewards (Big Ones)

Complexity is impressive, but simplicity is genius. - Lance Wallnau

When you simplify for success, you reap the rewards. Many rewards.Margaret Molloy agrees.Molloy writes an article on why simple brands win. All the time.Who are simple brands, you ask?Great question.Each year Molloy's company, Siegel+Gale, studies the most successful companies.The Global Brand Simplicity Index is a gem. Get your copy here.This year the top five US brands are Google, Netflix, Zappos, Amazon, and Dunkin Donuts.So what, you say, why does this matter?Brands that have a corner on simplicity enjoy:

  • 64% of consumers will pay more for simpler experiences
  • 61% of people are more likely to recommend a brand with a simple experience
  • Brands without a simple experience leave $86 Billion on the table

In other words, simple brands enjoy higher profits and more customers.And you can take that to the bank.I did.When I first launched my EdTech, Embanet, my message to the marketplace was confusing at best. And awful at worst.Failure is a powerful teacher.From my so-called failures, I refined my message.It took a while. Required a lot of heavy lifting. And was humbling.From the confusion came a simple message that helped build an eight-figure business.For university faculty and students, Embanet was 'pain relief for your eLearning headaches.'University Presidents and Deans came to know and love Embanet. Why?Embanet helped to fill the seats, keep the seats filled, and generate a high return on investment.Easy.Simple.Powerful.When you simplify for success, you reap the rewards.

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Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. - Confucius

Would you like to know how you can enjoy success, happiness, and fulfillment?Simplify for success.I built an eight-figure business once I learned how to simplify for success.In this article, I've revealed six actions that help you unlock your floodgates of success.Each of these six actions is powerful on its own and makes you unstoppable when combined.Start today.Start with the first action, focusing on the one thing you do really well. Figure out what this is. Master it.Once you're done, move on to the next action.Stay with each action until you've mastered all six.Can success, happiness, and fulfillment be that simple?Yes.If you know what you're doing and you put in the time.When you run into challenges, and I promise you that you will, remember me.I was that kid right out of school with no money, experience, or team.Despite the odds, I built a profitable eight-figure business.Lives changed for the better and profits earned.If I can do it, so can you.So what are you waiting for?Here's to you and your success!Your Raving Fan,Jeffrey Feldberg

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