This Is How You Pivot Your Business So You Can Conquer And Win

Do you know how to pivot your business in boom times or a pandemic?For every business owner, the answer should be a resounding "yes."Unfortunately, most business owners answer with a resounding "no." And that "no" is a ticking time bomb waiting to put their businesses out of business.In knowing how to pivot your business, you ensure your business not only survives but thrives.Pivot your business when times are good, and your business and profits become great.Pivot your business during a pandemic, and you not only survive, but you thrive.Who am I, and how do I know?I was that kid who started his eLearning company right out of school with no money, experience, or team. The truth is I had no business being in business, and the results showed.Grit and passion kept me in the game long enough to achieve success. What did I do with my success?I deployed my small amount of profits to pivot to do one thing: put myself out of business.My eLearning company, Embanet, had done well. I solved a problem I was passionate to solve.But the only thing constant in business and life is change.I knew I had to pivot my business to create "Embanet 2" to solve the next painful problem for my customers. I was passionate about solving the problem.Embanet 2 created a market disruption and became bigger than Embanet 1.My company value increased 10X, and I enjoyed a 9-figure exit.How do you pivot your business so you can help people while helping yourself?There's only one way to find out.Keep reading.

Pivot Your Business As Though Your Future Depends On It Because It Does

What you do today can change all the tomorrow's of your life. - Zig Ziglar
Future Pivot Your Business

Pivot your business as though your future depends on it because it does.Whether you realize it or not, when you started your business, you did a pivot.You found a painful problem that you were passionate to solve. The problem was painful enough that people paid you to take their pain away.You transformed prospective customers into customers. In time you transformed your customers into raving fans.Yes, the early days were challenging. Sleepless nights and many missteps along the way were your new normal. But your grit and passion had you figure things out.In launching your business, you did one of two things. You offered a service or product that didn't exist, or instead, did it better than the competition.Success is a two-edged sword. Yes, the profits and feelings of accomplishment are great. But the downside is laziness.The only thing constant in business is change.The problems that you solve and profit from today are yesterday's headlines.New problems, competitors, and market conditions arrive.When you don't pivot your business, it's like falling asleep at the wheel. Your competitors will drive you off the road by taking both your customers and profits.When challenging times arrive, you must either pivot your business or perish.Read and prosper from "Why Bootstrapping Your Business Is The Most Important Thing You Can Do."Know this and know this well.You must pivot your business today, so you have a business tomorrow.How do you pivot and where do you start?Keep reading to find out.

Listen To Your Customers Today So You Can Profit Tomorrow

Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens - Jimi Hendrix

At the heart of knowing how to pivot your business is listening to your customers.To pivot your business is knowing that your customers' headaches are your opportunities.A quick story on how a six-word question that changed everything.In the early days of my eLearning company, Embanet, I developed a habit. I called my customers and asking a six-word question. Most of the time, the answer was "business as usual."On one call, the customer said, "You've done a great job of keeping our students in the seats. I need help in filling the seats."It doesn't take much to pivot your business. For me, one comment from one call was all it took.My quest to provide pain relief for my customer had me put myself out of business.Read the prosper form "Stop Losing And Start Winning When You Put Yourself Out Of Business."Embanet kept online students in the seats through hosting, support, and course conversion.I put "Embanet 1" out of business with "Embanet 2," which helped schools fill the seats and keep the seats filled.Years later, I enjoyed a 9-figure exit with Embanet 2 leading the charge.Had I not made a pivot in Embanet 1, it would have either stopped growing or go out of business.All it took was a six-question word to give me a clue on how to pivot.What's the six-word question?"What keeps you up at nights?"Listen to your customers today so you can profit tomorrow.Do you know the one thing you must for your business to ensure a long and prosperous future?Keep reading.

Pivot Your Business Today So You Can Make It Pandemic-Proof Tomorrow

Plan ahead: It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark - Richard Cushing
Pandemic Proof Pivot Your Business

Be smart and pivot your business with a mindset that is both outward and inward.What's the difference?An outward mindset has you pivot your business through new solutions for customers.An inward mindset has you pivot your business to ensure you live another day.When a pandemic strikes, everything changes.Pivot your business today so you can make it pandemic-proof tomorrow.Read and prosper from "Perfect Advice You Need On How To Pandemic-Proof Your Business."Although you won't know what the next pandemic is all about and when it will strike, you can prepare.How do you prepare?Change the way people think throughout your entire organization.During a pandemic, many businesses run out of money and go out of business.Your business should have at least a six-month cash reserve. Easier said than done.How do you begin the process of building a large cash reserve?Change the mindset of your employees to reduce expenses.With your team leading the charge to reduce expenses, you must lead the charge to help yourself.You pivot your business when you become part of a mastermind group.Read and prosper from "Want To Be Spectacularly Successful? Join A Mastermind Group."The insights you gain from successful people outside your industry is a game-changer. Your ability to now pivot your business is a life-changer.

Do You Know Why You Must Pivot Your Business In Good Times And Bad?

Any fool can know. The point is to understand - Albert Einstein

Do you know why you must pivot your business in good times and bad?Most business owners, to their detriment, answer with a "no."You must pivot your business in good times and bad to thrive.Yes, you can thrive in challenging times as much as in good times.Many of the titans of business today started during a challenging time.The market place and your competition wait for no one, especially you.Lasting success is not a one-time occurrence, and instead, it is the result of habits.When you pivot your business, you achieve three things:

  1. Keep your customers loyal by keeping your business relevant
  2. Differentiate your business
  3. Instill a company culture that thrives on change

Read and prosper from "Company Culture: Why You Need It To Achieve Massive Success."When you pivot your business, your growth and profits soar.Keep your business forever or sell it tomorrow, you win either way.The only thing constant in business and life is change.In other words, pivot or perish.The choice is yours.Master the ability to pivot your business, and you master a skill that money can't buy.Master the ability to pivot your business, and you are as pandemic-proof as a business can get.Still not convinced on why you must pivot your business in good times and bad?Think of it this way.Your employees, customers, and community depend on your business.When you pivot your business in good times and bad, you're making a difference where it counts.Now the big question.How do you pivot your business?Keep reading.

How To Pivot Your Business So You Can Thrive And Prosper

Every problem is a golden opportunity waiting to be solved - Jeffrey Feldberg
Prosper Pivot Your Business

How do you pivot your business so you can thrive and prosper?Go back to the start. You launched your business by solving a painful problem for people.You perfected your offering and became world-class in removing peoples' pain.Solving painful problems you're passionate to solve is how you pivot your business.Read and prosper from "Make More Money Now By Solving Massive Problems."As a business owner, you're an entrepreneur.Entrepreneurs are dreamers, the make-it-happen people, and the change-makers. It's us, the entrepreneurs who put everything on the line and win against all the odds.At the heart of entrepreneurship is finding and solving painful problems. The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.The key is being passionate about solving painful problems.When a business becomes successful, most entrepreneurs stop solving new problems.When you stop solving new problems, it's the beginning of the end.What if a pandemic strikes?A pandemic is an opportunity to pivot your business to solve the problem of the moment.What if the market is thriving?A thriving market is an opportunity to pivot your business to find the next new market.As an entrepreneur, solving problems is in your DNA.In the simplest of terms, to pivot your business is finding a new problem you're passionate to solve.Full stop.End of story.The honest truth is that when you master the ability to pivot your business, it's the start of a new beginning.And a new beginning that can forever change the lives of your customers and employees.


Do you know why you pivot your business in good times and bad?Master the ability to pivot your business and your master your future.Who am I, and how do I know?I was that kid who started his eLearning company right out of school with no money, experience, or team.Grit and passion had me beat the odds of building a successful business.My eLearning company went from good to great when I learned how to pivot my business.The result?A strong, thriving, and profitable company that enjoyed a 9-figure exit.If I can do it, so can you.What do you do and where do you start?The great news is I've done the heavy lifting for you. You have everything you need, right now, to pivot your business.I've revealed five key strategies that help you pivot your business.Start with the first strategy and stay with it until you master it. Move on to the next strategy and do the same.Before you know it, you will master the five strategies needed to help pivot your business.Lasting success is not a one-time occurance, and instead, results from consistent habits.Master the ability to pivot your business today, and you are in a position to thrive tomorrow.You can do it. I know you can.Here's to you and your success.Thanks.Your Biggest Raving Fan,Jeffrey Feldberg

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