Adam Blakney and Josh Peck On Mastering The Post-Exit Life For Happiness And Prosperity (#108)

“Enjoy the journey so you can relish the time on the core things you want.” - Adam Blakney

"You're going to have to live in the world as it is today. Not in the world that maybe we wish we had” - Josh Peck

Running a lean single-family office isn't easy, and Adam Blakney runs the daily gambit of public portfolios, real estate, direct investments, and various board positions to keep the family on track towards its vision for future generations. Adam says that the money is the easy part and his principal focus is on the people, the health of the family, education, and ensuring that the plans the family makes now will create value, not just financial for future generations. Through history as well as personal experience, Adam has discovered that the best-laid plans of previous generations have been rendered obsolete in current times, demanding new ideas and new paths forward.

Since every single-family office is unique, Adam has relied on his MBA from Melbourne Business School, as well as his experiences in startup to build his single-family office from the ground up building a team of suppliers and advisors to help navigate these unchartered waters.

Joshua M. Peck is the founding member of the TrueCode Capital with nearly 20 years developing and capitalizing on emerging technologies. He utilizes a systems approach to portfolio management that leverages his deep quantitative background in financial engineering, machine learning, and applied mathematics.

Early in his career, Josh worked in academia in support of high-performance research computing environments where he became a regional expert in systems engineering, cyber security, and data engineering. In addition to his work, he is active in philanthropy through the Denver Mile High Rotary Foundation, where he is currently the treasurer and a member of the World Community Service Committee where most recently they were able to fund a cold storage project in Nepal.

Josh has served as an advisory board member, angel investor, and mentor for various venture clubs and accelerators, and has invested in a diverse group of companies.

Josh received his BS in Computer Science from Pittsburgh state university and his Master's of Science Engineering, Management from the University of Kansas.

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