Maverick Entrepreneur Drew Greenblatt Reveals Timeless Secrets To Success And How He Is Bringing Manufacturing Back To America

"Focus like a laser beam on hiring amazing people." - Drew Greenblatt

Drew Greenblatt bought Marlin Steel in 1998 when it was a small maker of a commodity product. Since then, he's grown revenue nine-fold and, in February 2021, is expanding its factory floor space by 56%. Despite COVID headwinds, Marlin grew over 25% in 2020. 

Marlin Steel has invested over $5.3 million in robotics in a quest for quality and speed and has recently purchased Baltimore Automatic Wire Forming Corporation and retained 100% of the staff in the face of challenges to the global economy. Marlin Steel imports nothing and exports material handling baskets, wire forms, and sheet metal fabrications to 43 countries. 

Marlin's all USA-made products include daily shipments to Mexico and Canada and weekly shipments to India and China. Worker safety is critical. Marlin Steel crossed the 2,688-day safety milestone in April 2016 and has over 1,150 plus days as of today. In addition, Marlin Steel has been recognized as a winner of the Inc 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in the USA. The Inner City 100 Fastest Growing Companies in the USA. Regional Employer of the Year from Baltimore City and Baltimore County. 

Drew Greenblatt has been chosen as an international business leadership award winner from the World Trade Career Institute. Marlin secret sauce is quality engineered quick, or "QEQ."Twenty-five percent of Marlin's employees are mechanical or chemical engineers who innovate to save clients money by improving throughput with engineered wire baskets and custom sheet metal fabrications. 

Marlin Steel's engineers provide state-of-the-art computer-driven stress analysis, so clients have comfort knowing that the designs will withstand the rigors of their applications. Marlon has seven patents for aerospace racks, material handling robotic baskets, and medical baskets. In addition, Greenblatt has testified to the US Senate and US Congress on small business, taxation regulations, trade policy, and techniques to grow the economy. 

Greenblatt has met with President Clinton, President Bush, President Obama, President Trump, and President Biden to advocate for USA manufacturing and small business, pressing those government officials to create policies that stimulate a robust manufacturing sector. Greenblatt believes that factories provide great jobs and tremendous benefits as a way to grow our middle-class with solid, meaningful jobs.

Drew has a BA from Dickinson College and an MBA in Finance from the AB Freeman School of Business at Tulane University. He lives in Maryland with his wife and three sons.

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  • How Marlin Steel went from manufacturing bagel baskets to aerospace solutions
  • Why you must stop delivering commodity offerings and focus on high-value offerings
  • The power of bootstrapping your business
  • How intelligent and talented employees will transform your business
  • The power of creating a moat around your business
  • Why you can charge more when you solve a painful and unique problem
  • How money spent on training delivers a high ROI
  • Why a culture focused on innovation and resilience gets results
  • How Marlin Steel was able to thrive at the height of the coronavirus pandemic (and how you can do the same)
  • Why you will either pay now or pay later when deciding on working with an offshore manufacturer
  • The challenges of an offshore supply chain and how this can put you out of business
  • How to put yourself out of business so you can put yourself back in business in a blue ocean
  • Why your team must run the day-to-day of your business
  • How you can't control what happens around you, but you do control what you do
  • Powerful strategies for increasing EBITDA through your culture
  • The story of how Marlin Steel did the impossible for the CDC during the coronavirus pandemic
  • Why your supply chain must include American made products for success in the long run

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Marlin Steel's website

Drew's email address DGreenblatt[at]marlonwire[dot]com 

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