CoreValue CEO George Sandmann On How To Grow Your Business And Increase Enterprise Value (#025)

"We lose sight of the fact that we start companies to convert our sweat and treasure into valuable equity. One day we will sell to someone, so that we can fund our family's wealth goals." - George Sandmann

George is the CEO CoreValue Advisor Software. An attorney by training, George is an entrepreneur with almost 30 years experience starting and growing companies. George joined CoreValue Software in 2013, and in 2017 founded his current company, creating a complete business consulting system based on the CoreValue Software.

In addition to his work with CoreValue, George co-founded the Association for Enterprise Growth, served as Interim Executive Director of the International Growth & Exit Planning Association, and is co-authoring the 'Growth Consulting' curriculum for the Consultants' Training Institute.

In 2020 George developed the '3 Dimensions of Business Growth' methodology, making private company growth and equity value actionable.  


  • George's background and adventures in business
  • How to create a company that is stable and easy to run
  • Why your goal needs to be predictable revenue, profits, and cash flow
  • The three dimensions of business growth
  • How CoreValue was created and its mission
  • Why over 25,000 companies use CoreValue
  • The power of creating an operating manual for your business
  • Why every business owner must identify the niche the business operates in
  • How CoreValue takes the SWOT approach to your business to create actionable items
  • Why you must think of your business from your future buyer's perspective
  • Aligning your enterprise value with your lifestyle financial requirements
  • The power of knowing where you need to be today so you can get there tomorrow
  • Why 80% of business valuators rely on CoreValue
  • Case studies of business owners who leverage CoreValue to create lucrative liquidity events
  • Three things every business must do to welcome success
  • Why sales and marketing is the number one contributor to value gap
  • The change in tides in the marketplace of companies realizing their employees need to be in the office and not at home
  • How most business owners are one person away from catastrophe and what to do about it
  • Stepping back and analyzing what tasks in your business are irrelevant
  • The power of writing crisp job descriptions across your entire business
  • Why every business owner must look forward and not back
  • How companies that use CoreValue increase gross revenues 21.63%
  • The importance of goals in both your personal life and business

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Enjoy the interview!


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