Firmex CEO Joel Lessem On How He Sold His Company Twice And Other Valuable M&A Strategies (#018)

"What matters for me and what I've learned over the last 14 years is that I helped other people be successful. " -Joel Lessem

Joel Lessem has over 25 years experience in successfully accelerating revenues and growth of businesses. Under his leadership, Firmex is rapidly becoming a standard for sharing large volumes of highly confidential and sensitive documents for corporate transactions, litigation and compliance. Firmex is a rule of 40 business delivering strong investor returns and high customer and employee satisfaction scores.

Prior to co-founding Firmex in 2006, Joel drove the US growth of Point Force leading to the company's acquisition in 2004.  In 1999, Joel co-founded Crescent logic, a software company that provided online equity research publishing tools for investment banks.


  • The lucrative power of an option plan when selling your company
  • Why you should always take enough money off the table if you decide to stay on after selling your business
  • How to determine if you have what it takes to stay in the company after exiting
  • What private equity groups bring to the table that other buyers don't
  • How an auction process helped Joel get top dollar when selling Firmex
  • The benefits an auction brings to the merger and acquisition process
  • What to expect in due diligence
  • How to adapt your mindset when starting the process of selling your business
  • What Joel's company, Firmex, does and its role in the mergers and acquisitions industry
  • The power of a virtual data room and why you need one
  • How a virtual data room works
  • Why a virtual data room can save you from making costly and embarrassing mistakes
  • How Firmex had approximately 15% of the deal volume in North America
  • Why it's important to put yourself in the buyer's shoes to help guide you through due diligence
  • How Firmex has responded to COVID-19 to serve its clients and protect its employees
  • When you're prepared you have choices. Joel talks about industries benefiting from COVID-19.
  • Joel discusses how honesty, fairness, collaboration, and shared success are his values
  • Why leaders can adopt these values to have a healthy and successful culture
  • What drives Joel is helping other people being successful

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Enjoy the interview!


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