How To Avoid Committing The Worst Mergers And Acquisitions Mistakes (#021)

"In M&A every mistake you make takes your hard-earned money and puts it in your buyers pocket." - Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve  Wells

Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve Wells are the founders of Deep Wealth. Deep Wealth is an M&A advisory services preparing business for their exits.

Deep Wealth has two mandates for business owners. First, showing business owners how to protect themselves on their exits. Second, enabling business owners to maximize enterprise value.

Feldberg and Wells know a thing or two about exits with their eLearning company Embanet. An experienced buyer presented a 7-figure 3-times EBITDA unsolicited offer to buy Embanet. Feldberg and Wells said "no" to the unsolicited offer.

Instead, the two said "yes" to mastering the art and science of selling a business. Two years later, Feldberg and Wells, welcomed a 9-figure exit based on 13-times EBITDA.

Business owners are dreamers, the make-it-happen people, and the change-makers. It's us business owners who put everything on the line and win against all the odds. So, why is it that as business owners, we’re at the losing end when selling our companies?

The six-week Deep Wealth Experience is a proprietary system. At the core are the strategies and exit playbook that created the 9-figure exit. Take your experience to the next level with a private mastermind group. Enjoy peace-of-mind from your live success coach who walks you through the system step-by-step. The only "silly" question is the one that isn't asked.  Finally, benefit for the in-the-trenches experience of Feldberg and Wells.


  • Mergers and acquisitions mistake one: your business value is an opinion and not a fact
  • The importance of standing out from the crowd
  • How to show your differentiation and value
  • Mergers and acquisitions mistake two: mastering due diligence
  • Why every business owner must perform due diligence before starting the exit process
  • The importance of creating your virtual data room before hiring and investment banker
  • How your data room conveys an image of professionalism and readiness
  • The power of finding the skeletons in your business closet before starting your exit
  • Mergers and acquisitions mistake three: not using an auction
  • Why a mergers and acquisitions auction saves you time and increases value
  • Understanding the leverage you have when using an auction
  • Why buyers are more likely to behave better when an auction is in place
  • Mergers and acquisitions mistake four: not assembling the right exit team
  • Understanding who you need for members of your exit team
  • Two of the most overlooked exit team members that make all the difference
  • The power of a Chief Exit Advisor to protect you and help you increase value
  • Why you shouldn't think about selling your business on your own
  • Mergers and acquisitions mistake five: believing the letter of intent (LOI) is the deal
  • Why buyers keep an LOI brief and general
  • What to look for in an LOI
  • Terms smart sellers insist on NOT having in an LOI
  • Why you need the LOI to be as detailed and specific as possible

This podcast is brought to you by Deep Wealth. Are you thinking about selling your business? You have once chance to get it right and you better make it count. Learn how the Deep Wealth experience helps maximize company value before you sell. Master the same exit strategies we used to increase our company value 10X with our 9-figure exit.

Enjoy the interview!


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The Deep Wealth Experience

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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, 90% of deals fail. Of the successful deals, business owners leave millions of dollars on the deal table.

Who are we and how do we know? We're the 9-figure exit guys. We said "no" to a 7-figure offer and "yes" to a 9-figure offer two years later.  In the process we increased the value of our company 10X.

During our liquidity event journey, we created a 9-step preparation process. It's the quality and depth of your preparation that increases your business value.

After our 9-figure exit we committed ourselves to leveling the playing field. The Deep Wealth Experience helps you create a launch plan in 90-days. Our solution is resilient, relentless, and gets results. Enjoy the certainty that you'll capture the maximum value on your liquidity event.

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