Hemu Javeri, One Of India's Most Respected CEOs, Shares Powerful Strategies For Success In Business And Life

"Unless you are future-ready you will not survive in the medium and long-term" - Hemu Javeri

Hemu Javeri is a new age investor, entrepreneur, board member, and formally you, one of India's most respected CEOs with a proven track record. Hemu's strengths are diverse consumer businesses, D2C tech, mobile and digital technology, and innovation.

Hemu contributes significant shareholder value by building new businesses and transforming large companies. Hemu has created and built world-class consumer brands, leveraged disruptive technology and innovation, built a large omnichannel distribution, including complex retail networks, and inspired, nurtured, and built passionate teams.

Hemu has pioneered innovation in mobile and internet businesses and created one of India's first PE fund managers with a hands-on value-adding and investment philosophy that delivered substantial returns by innovative exits.

In earlier professional roles Hemu was President of Madeira Garments, India's largest lifestyle apparel company, and Country, Head of Nike India. Current board roles for Hemu include being the Chairman and CEO of the First Cricket Company, Founder and Chairman of Zeven Sports, and Co-founder and Managing Director of Forum Synergies PE Fund Manager.

Hemu is a member of YPO and is the Founder and Managing Trustee of Hasmukh Kala Foundation, which helps to transform the lives of women through music and the performing arts.

Hemu enjoys golf and scuba diving and is trained in Hindustani classical music.

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  • Hemu shares how he went from a corporate CEO to an entrepreneur
  • Why you won't survive in business unless you are future-ready
  • The importance of a long-term commitment to delegate
  • Why you're destroying value in your business unless you hire the right CEO to run your business
  • How Hemu created the first private equity fund manager in South Asia
  • As the world has changed, how have you changed?
  • Why your error in judgment can put you out of business unless you know how to respond
  • How lack of resources can harm your business or put you out of business
  • Why you must be resourced with people and money for a prosperous future
  • The importance to put yourself out of business to put yourself into a bigger business
  • Why you must show how you're future-ready to your buyer
  • How exitable your business is determines the size of the deal and if there is a deal
  • Why value optimization is more critical than price optimization in a liquidity event
  • The importance of thinking like a buyer and understanding the exit your buyer wants
  • Why your liquidity event won't work unless there's a win-win for buyer and seller
  • The importance of looking beyond your ecosystem for success in your liquidity event
  • Why you must understand that most things in life are out of your control
  • How you can avoid regrets in life by accepting the choices you make and don't make

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Enjoy the interview!


Hemu's email hemjaveri[at]yahoo[dot]com

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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. 

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