Financial Economist Mike McDonald On How And Why You Should Seek Alpha For Your Business To Maximize Profits (#027)

"Taking chances on average over time, if you're smart about it pays off and pays a dividend." - Mike McDonald

Dr. Michael McDonald is a professional financial economist with a PhD in finance, and a significant background working in finance including a decade on Wall Street and in various corporate finance roles. His consulting clients have included Fortune 500 firms, banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and government agencies.

Michael prides himself on being adept at identifying areas of financial challenges or opportunity for firms and then capitalizing on them. Michael excels in explaining and applying sophisticated topics in corporate finance and business intelligence in a way that is comprehensive yet understandable to finance and non-finance professionals alike

He specializes in working on analysis and decisions related to big data, business intelligence, financial forecasting, pricing and operational effectiveness.

Michael has authored extensive research studies on investments, corporate debt, rates of return to investors under various scenarios, and valuation of tangible and intangible assets. His work has appeared in the Journal of Corporate Finance, the Journal of Behavioral Finance, the Journal of Business and Behavioral Studies, the Journal of Fixed Income, Studies in Economics and Finance, and the Pacific Basin Journal of Finance among other professional journals. He has also authored numerous case studies on situations in corporate bankruptcies, spin-offs, restructurings, mergers, and other significant business events.

Michael’s work has been cited by the Wall Street Journal, Marketwatch, Bloomberg, Reuters, and other news organizations.


  • From the classroom to the board room, Mike's story
  • How Mike helps Dell, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs grow
  • Lessons mid-market businesses can learn for large businesses
  • How to find a gold mind of opportunities by licensing products from universities
  • The industry-leading study Mike did on investment bankers and liquidity events
  • What business owners must know about the preparation process for a liquidity enent
  • Two metrics business owners must ask about their businesses
  • The surprising answer to the question, "would you rather have a 1% increase in volume or price?"
  • Why seeking alpha isn't just for stocks
  • The 80/20 rule for growing your profits
  • Financial ratios you should be using in your business, but probably aren't
  • Why you can't expect investment bankers to prepare you for a liquidity event
  • How long-term planning and strategies are key to your financial success
  • The hidden opportunities as a result of the pandemic
  • Why every business owner must find and fix the business skeletons in the closet
  • The problems inaccurate numbers and forecasts create
  • Victor Niederhoffer's article and the powerful lesson business owners can leverage
  • How you can leverage the power of data analytics and big data
  • Mike's example of how data analytics stopped theft in his company
  • The importance of growing your wealth through capital appreciation
  • Why you need to take chance

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Enjoy the interview!


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