Voice Coach Deva Neely On How To Speak Your Way To Success On Your Business Exit (#022)

"Everybody has it within them to do amazing things and it comes down to how we communicate" - Deva Neely

For over two decades Deva Neely has been a Voice Specialist. Deva has worked her magic with people of all skill levels in the entertainment and corporate worlds.  She is a former teacher turned Empowerment Coach. Deva gives back to the community through working with youth on leadership skills. When it comes to youth, Deva promotes mental health awareness and suicide prevention.  

Whether you're a child or business professional, Deva has created a platform for people to tell their stories and take back their power. Deva gives you the tools and opportunity to grow and learn in both your personal and professional life.


  • When it comes to selling your business, your future buyer sizes you up in the first few seconds of meeting you
  • Why your voice and how you present affects a buyer's confidence in you and your business
  • Deva's background from actor, to teacher, to Empowerment Coach
  • Why everybody has it within them to do amazing things and it comes down to how we communicate
  • The importance of your voice in virtual meetings
  • How to present in a professional manner in a virtual meeting
  • What to look for in your background when attending a virtual meeting
  • Look at people directly in their eyes and speak with confidence to build trust
  • How to dress for success in a virtual meeting
  • Why you should sit forward, or stand if possible, when presenting
  • How conversation builds trust
  • The art of being rehearsed but not too rehearsed when presenting
  • The power of the "ocean voice" technique when presenting
  • How to train your voice through specific voice exercises
  • Why every business owner should work with a vocal couch before starting the exit process
  • The little known secret of presenting through the power of cadence
  • How a timed pause makes you an effective speaker
  • Training techniques Deva uses with people who have accents
  • Deva reveals the secrets of actors and stage performers for speaking to many people
  • Why your voice needs four hours to warm up
  • Voice warm-up techniques that prepare you to speak your way to success
  • Deva's routine on how she prepares starting the night before an important presentation
  • What to eat and drink before and during your presentation
  • Deva's coaching techniques for individuals and corporate groups
  • How to create a mastermind vocal group to take your presentation skills to the next level
  • The top three mistakes most people make when presenting that they aren't aware of
  • Deva's words of wisdom and not giving up on your dreams

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Enjoy the interview!


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