Martin Perelmuter On How To Communicate Your Way To Success (#015)

Martin Perelmuter On How To Communicate Your Way To Success

“A speech may last 60 minutes. Its impact can last forever.” - Martin Perelmuter

Martin Perlmutter is an unapologetic idealist. Martin is passionate about people and ideas. And after 25 years in the speaking industry, Martin believes a great speech can be a catalyst for change. Before co-founding Speakers’ Spotlight, Martin was a corporate lawyer at a prestigious international law firm. While he realized early on in his career that he needed to do something more entrepreneurial, he learned valuable best practices while in law that have shaped his approach to client service and business management. Martin’s views on the speaking industry have been reported in various television and print media, and have been published in over 60 countries. He has been a guest lecturer at several colleges and universities, and was a keynote speaker at the Public Words Speaker Forum at The Center for Public Leadership at Harvard’s Kennedy School in Cambridge.


  • What Martin did to pivot his business and the benefits it has brought
  • The importance of knowing your business mission, especially during challenging times
  • How Martin went back to basics to keep his business
  • Strategies every business owner must learn on communicating with customers during challenging times
  • How Martin communicates with his team and customers during the pandemic
  • Why communication with your employees is key during challenging times
  • What you can do to get the most from remote working
  • How Martin transformed a downside from the pandemic into an upside for his customers
  • What the "new normal" of conferences is today and what it will be tomorrow
  • Success stories from Martin's clients who are hosting virtual conferences
  • The importance of communication in the virtual world
  • What every business owner can do for effective communication in a virtual world
  • Key things your business and employees must do to be professional in the virtual world
  • The power of engagement at key spots during a virtual presentation
  • Why you must get creative with the visuals you use when presenting virtually
  • How Martin leveraged his core competency to give back to his customers and community
  • Why business owners are the catalysts for change and must take action on important social issues
  • The "Open Dialogue on Race, Equality, Justice, and Hope" Martin created to respond to social injustice
  • The importance of counting our blessings, especially during a pandemic
  • Why we all must put things in perspective today so we can have a better tomorrow
  • The power of optimism to find opportunities and succeed, even during a pandemic
  • The importance of leveraging our inner resilience to overcome and conquer
  • How you can stay optimistic through perspective

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Enjoy the interview!


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