Guy Remond On Creating Market Disruptions And Living The Post-Exit Life (#102)

"Everybody has unique abilities, and you must hone in on what you're really good at." - Guy Remond.

Guy Remond is an experienced individual with over 20 years in tech, software and consulting, advisory industries, founder, director, investor, and advisor. Guy's working career began in retail where he enjoyed an 11-year stint in various managerial positions. Following this, he followed his passion for anything technical and branched out on his own, into the technical world.

In 2001, he was a founding member and CEO of Cake Solutions Limited, and over the next 16 years, he directly oversaw the development of the business from a small startup to that of an international multi-million-pound company respected as a cutting edge of engineering and process in the open-source software development world.

After being recognized in the Deloitte UK Technology Fast 50, and being viewed as one of the most unique, forward-thinking, and fast-growth companies in the industry, Cake Solutions Limited was acquired by a multinational corporation. And the business was subsequently rebranded as Disney Streaming Services, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a company owned by The Walt Disney Corporation. As a creative and widely experienced individual with a keen focus on personal development, company culture, and process. improvement, Guy has invested in a number of companies and is actively working with these companies in a non-executive director or chairman role, helping them to fulfill the leadership's drive to a successful outcome. Guy is building two new organizations with his business partners, Gary Fletcher and Dave Zupano.

EHE Capital Limited is a highly efficient, tech-led private equity organization with a genuine focus on supporting entrepreneurs through their companies’ high growth stage through to be a successful conclusion. EHE capital also provides qualified, high-quality deal flow for investors, private equity, and venture capital organizations.

Guidr LLC is a legal document platform whose moonshot is to be the largest legal entity in the world that does not employ any lawyers. Guidr LLC is digitizing, democratizing, and demonetizing legal services, helping smaller law firms compete in the digital era.

In addition to his working commitments, Guy dedicates time to charitable activities. For well over a decade, he has worked with Variety, the children's charity in a number of voluntary roles, currently acting as the Chairman for the Northwest Region in the UK and more recently as a trustee for the organization.

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