Investment Banker Peter Kubasek On Everything You Should Know About A Liquidity Event But Probably Don't (#026)

"If you prepare, then you have a much better chance of capturing the multiple that you desire to get" - Peter Kubasek

Peter Kubasek is Founder and a Managing Partner of ArkMalibu. Peter has been closely involved in more than 500 merger and acquisition projects ranging from $2 million to over $1 billion in sales representing billions in transactional value.

Peter brings a vast background of knowledge and understanding to every engagement in which he is involved. His success stems from his ability to identify the core needs of his clients, developing creative solutions and applying sound analytical and negotiating skills to each engagement. He has advised clients on preparing for exit, valuations, divestitures and financing options in a variety of areas including 3D printing, technology, services firms, communications, manufacturing, consumer package goods and distribution.

After earning an MBA from Pepperdine University, Peter began his career at Andersen Consulting in Los Angeles, moving quickly into Corporate Development roles at Nestlé USA and The Loewen Group. Peter obtained his undergraduate business degree Magna Cum Laude from John Brown University.

Peter is a member of the national Young Presidents’ Organization, the Cincinnati Association for Corporate Growth and the Business Growth Alliance Affiliate Board. He is the former President of the Cincinnati ACG. He has also served with the boards of several local charitable organizations and has volunteered in a variety of service endeavors. Peter and his wife Maryam have been married more than 30 years and have two sons, Hudson and Luke. They live in Loveland, Ohio. Having grown up in Vancouver, British Columbia, Peter has a great love for the game of hockey and has coached his sons and other local youth.


  • The story of Peter's Uncle, Bill Baher, whose life lessons helped Peter become the person he is today
  • Why preparation is the key to unlocking the multiple you want when selling your business
  • The importance of preparing yourself for life after your exit
  • Why not all investment bankers may not be the advocates you think they are
  • The dangers of not involving your team in your exit from day one
  • Why it's better to pay tax now on personal expenses than pay later during your exit
  • How business owners leave untold millions of dollars on the deal table by not preparing
  • Increase your business value by demonstrating your business is an industry leader
  • The power of creating a black box for your proprietary process to increase your business value
  • Peter's four boxes of culture, operations, go-to-market, and financials
  • Why you can increase your company's worth when you understand the four boxes of your business
  • Peter shares why it's better to prepare now so you can save your health, money, and time later
  • Why every business owner should find the Rembrandts in the closet
  • Peter shares how to keep a large client when you're creating a liquidity event
  • The importance of finding a culturally aligned buyer
  • Why your company culture can give a buyer peace-of-mind and raise enterprise value
  • How culture, more than financials, loses deals
  • What one company does with its culture to keep its employees engaged and happy
  • How Peter and his team create a culture of celebration around its people
  • Why ArkMalibu works only on the sell-side to cut out conflict
  • Peter explains ArkMalibu's culture of unconflicted, unorthodox, and unrelenting
  • Why Peter insists that he and his team are not the smartest people in the room when examining client deals
  • How ArkMalibu thinks outside the box when taking clients to market
  • The $10 million question every owner should ask and the surprising answer you may find
  • The lessons Peter learned from his Uncle Bill by treating presidents of companies and janitors as equals
  • Why it's crucial to put take the time to enjoy family
  • The power and gift of incorporating laughter into your daily routine

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Enjoy the interview!


The book Peter co-authored "Sell Well"

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