Top 50 Marketer Prantik Mazumdar On Strategies That Increase Enterprise Value (#111)

“Give things a shot much earlier.” - Prantik Mazumdar

Prantik Mazumdar is an entrepreneur and venture investor and acts as a digital transformation catalyst in organizations to drive sustainable change and impact. After pursuing a major in computer engineering and a minor in technopreneurship from the National University of Singapore, he kicked started his career with the Singapore government to drive international trade promotion for the island state. He started his entrepreneurial journey with Happy Marketer in 2011. where he spent a decade building and scaling up one of the best and most awarded independent digital marketing services firm in the region that served brands like Standard Chartered Bank, Income. Great Eastern Life, Royal Brunei Airlines, Coffee, Bean and Tea Leaf, Starbucks. Ping An Grab, Kimberly Clark. Property Guru, StarHub, Singtel, Nanyang business school, Kaplan, and INSEAD amongst many of his prestigious clients.

In February 2019, Prantik had a successful exit when Happy Marketer was sold to an American digital enterprise called Merkle which is part of Dentsu international the largest Japanese advertising conglomerate. He is currently serving as the managing director of the CXM Group at Dentsu Singapore.

He is a regular columnist for Marketing Magazine, Campaign Asia. Economic Times and Business Times on all things digital transformation and marketing, and has trained over 500 entrepreneurs in the region on this subject in 2015, Prantik was recognized as one of the top 50 most influential marketers in the world.

 Apart from his corporate role he is an active angel and venture investor, mentor advisor, and speaker through organizations like Quest Ventures, Thai Singapore. Health X Capital, NUS Angel Ventures and is an entrepreneur in residence at INSEAD.

Outside of work Prantik is an avid cricketer, enjoys political discourse is intrigued by behavioral economics, and is enjoying parenting a four-year-old toddler.

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