5 Stupid M&A Deal Killers That Are Robbing You Of Enormous Success (#031)

"Successful people focus on progress and not perfection." - Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve Wells

Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve Wells are the founders of Deep Wealth. The M&A journey for Jeffrey and Steve began when they said "no" to a 7-figure unsolicited offer. Immediately, the two said "yes" to mastering the art and science of a liquidity event. Two years later, Jeffrey and Steve said "yes" to a 9-figure offer. On the process, Jeffrey and Steve increased their company value 10X.

How did Jeffrey and Steve increase their company value 10X and go to a 9-figure liquidity event?

Jeffrey and Steve created a proven 9-step solution on how to successfully prepare.

The Deep Wealth Experience has you learn the 9-steps of preparation in 90-days. At the end of the 90-days you have a launch plan and certainty that you capture the maximum value.


  • Why the level of preparation you to do increases the value of your business tomorrow
  • How 90% of M&A deals fail and what you can do about it
  • The importance of realizing the odds are against you
  • How most business owners leave millions of dollars of their money on the deal table
  • How preparation finds the skeletons in your closet
  • Why you must find the hidden Rembrandts in your attic and communicate this to your buyer
  • Why you shouldn't believe the myth of waiting for your competition to give you an offer
  • What you must do to successfully deal with your investment banker
  • The importance of the right mindset from start to finish of your liquidity event
  • How vulnerability in front of your future buyer is a strength and not a weakness
  • What your buyer is looking for in your business
  • X-Factors to increase the profitability of your business
  • Why the wrong emotional mindset is one of the top M&A deal killers
  • One of the X-Factors is your business model and how most business owners drop the bal in this area
  • The importance of knowing the different types of buyers and what they're looking for
  • Why every mistake you make puts your hard-earned money in the pocket of your future buyer
  • How a buyer tempts you into making classic mistakes and how you can avoid these mistakes
  • The importance of your business running without you, especially during a liquidity event
  • Why you must avoid at all costs missing your forecast or having a too good to be true forecat
  • How to tune into the What's In It For Me (WII.FM) radio station of your buyer
  • The origins of the Deep Wealth Experience and how it gives you certainty to capture maximum value
  • The structure of the Deep Wealth Experience to help you create a launch plan
  • Why your exit team can make or break your liquidity event
  • How to select the right advisors to help you with your liquidity event
  • What to look out for in advisors
  • Two roles on your exit team that most business owners leave out at their own expense

This podcast is brought to you by Deep Wealth. Are you thinking about a liquidity event? You have one chance to get it right and you better make it count. Enterprise value is created from preparation, and not the event itself. Learn how the Deep Wealth Experience helps you maximize enterprise value. Master the same strategies our founders used to increase their company value 10X with a 9-figure exit. Click here to book your free exploratory call.

Enjoy the interview!


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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, 90% of deals fail. Of the successful deals, business owners leave millions of dollars on the deal table.

Who are we and how do we know? We're the 9-figure exit guys. We said "no" to a 7-figure offer and "yes" to a 9-figure offer two years later.  In the process we increased the value of our company 10X.

During our liquidity event journey, we created a 9-step preparation process. It's the quality and depth of your preparation that increases your business value.

After our 9-figure exit we committed ourselves to leveling the playing field. The Deep Wealth Experience helps you create a launch plan in 90-days. Our solution is resilient, relentless, and gets results. Enjoy the certainty that you'll capture the maximum value on your liquidity event.

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