Evolutionary Force Multiplier J.B. Bernstein On Success In Business, Liquidity Events, And Life (#038)

"If you are going to spend your life running anyway, you might as well be chasing your dreams." - J.B. Bernstein

J.B. Bernstein is a "Genetically Wired Entrepreneur." Bernstein has helped fund and successfully launched businesses in Packaged Goods, Trading Cards, Digital Content, Sports, TV, Supplements, Building Blocks, & New Tech.

JB's most recent investment in AviSight, a leading drone based Industrial Inspection company, was so intriguing, he accepted the role of CEO and is ushering in a generational paradigm shift in the industry for Oil, Gas, & Power companies worldwide.

As a 35+ year veteran of the sports marketing and packaged goods industries, Mr. Bernstein has been called an “Evolutionary Force Multiplier” in business, and is widely respected for his creative problem solving and positive results.

Bernstein’s early work includes positions with Grey Advertising, Procter & Gamble, Upper Deck, and Major League Soccer before starting his own sports agency.

As founder of Access Group of Miami, LLC, he has represented some of the greatest athletes of all-time including Barry Bonds, Barry Sanders & Emmitt Smith. Bernstein was responsible for creating groundbreaking programs such as Smith’s Run With History™ which is now the standard deal in NFL for milestone marketing. J.B. also helped orchestrate Barry Bonds’ departure from the MLBPA licensing group, making him the first baseball player to successfully operate outside of their auspices.

Most notably, JB co-created The Million Dollar Arm™ contest in India, which yielded the first 2 Indian men to ever sign pro sports contracts in the US. J.B.’s story was the subject of a Disney motion picture, released worldwide on May 16, 2014. The film starred Jon Hamm as Bernstein.

J.B. serves as the chair of the Las Vegas Tiger 21 group, the premier peer membership organization for high-net-worth wealth creators and preservers, helping them navigate the challenges and opportunities that success creates. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Iqoniq and several other sports startups.

Mr. Bernstein graduated the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and has also achieved graduate degrees from USC and LSE. Bernstein currently lives in Las Vegas with his wife and daughter.

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  • J.B.'s background and story
  • Why hunger for success is the starting point of any journey
  • The meteoric rise of J.B. at Proctor and Gamble
  • Why mentors are key for success in life and business
  • J.B. share stories about his mentor, Richard McWilliams who founded Upper Deck cards
  • Lessons learned from J.B.s first liquidity event with Upper Deck
  • The importance of believing and betting on yourself instead of other people
  • Why you must find the buyer who has the cultural alignment with your business
  • How every business owner must set expectations for the liquidity event itself
  • The importance of planning for life after a liquidity event
  • Why an unsolicited offer isn't usually the best offer
  • Why taking time off after a liquidity event is the most important action to take
  • J.B. shares how he became a sports agent for Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, and Curtis Martin
  • The importance of knowing where your industry is heading so you can pivot as needed
  • J.B. shares the story of one interaction that forever changed his career as a sports agent
  • How J.B. found his X-Factor to skyrocket the value of his business and created a market disruption
  • The power of creating your blue ocean where you have no competition and add massive value
  • What J.B. did to create his blue ocean in a unique way that changed sports marketing
  • How timing is everything and what J.B. did to get ahead of the curve
  • J.B. reflects on how his past experiences helped him change the sports industry
  • How J.B. came up with the Million Dollar Arm contest and his journey from changing lives in India to a Disney movie
  • The story of how J.B. found a painful problem and solved it in his business
  • Why persistence is the key to success when receiving a "no" in business
  • The biggest lesson J.B learned is to do your absolute best in preparation for a goal and having no regrets
  • How J.B.'s passion for business has been the key driver to his success
  • Why the Million Dollar Arm contest is both a game-changer for business and life in India
  • J.B. shares the story of how he followed his passion for Million Dollar Arm despite most people saying it's a bad idea
  • The importance of acknowledging that success is deserved
  • Why you must figure out the purpose and timing of your liquidity event
  • How to transform your boredom into targeting to take your business to the next level
  • Create a plan for life after your liquidity event before you start
  • Why assembling a winning liquidity event team is key to capturing your maximum value
  • How J.B. looks to create generational paradigm shifts in industries
  • The only question you should ask if your thinking about becoming an entrepreneur
  • For success in your liquidity event look to successful people and not books
  • The power of a liquidity event auction and the success it yields
  • J.B. shares how time away from the business, looking back to reflect, and family should not be ignored
  • Why it's important to understand that not everything is the end of the world or saving the world
  • J.B. shares how being too focused on business can harm other important areas in your life

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Enjoy the interview!


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