Dan Goodwin Reveals Little Known Techniques That Will Help You Make The Best Hiring Decisions For Your Business

"Wake up, stay focused, celebrate your wins, and believe in yourself." - Dan Goodwin

After finishing a 19-year career in 2007 with Sprint Corporation, Dan Goodwin embarked on his entrepreneurial journey and transitioned to business ownership and entrepreneur. During his tenure at Sprint. Dan completed both his Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management and a Master's Degree in Business Administration.

Upon leaving Sprint, Dan used his corporate skills and immediately founded CYA Consulting. A coaching and consulting company, which specializes in helping business owners during startup and scale-up of their businesses as well as a proactive response to crisis events, such as security and personnel issues.

Dan also teaches at his Alma Mater as an adjunct professor for a Master's course in Entrepreneurship. Dan brings his skills to business and advises everyone to Think Like an Investigator.

Trained in interrogation and interview techniques, Dan uses his skills and expertise to assist his clients to examine all available information, to make the best possible decisions in the present moment. Dan's unique approach to research engagement and investigative technique serves him well, as he draws upon the thousands of interviews, he completed over his corporate and entrepreneur life.

Dan believes everyone can improve their skills when it comes to research, interviews, and better business decisions by preparing and being armed with a structured method to obtain information.

This information along with other observations allows the business owner or department manager to make better decisions.

Dan is a connector of people and has built an extensive network as he works to build relationships with the entrepreneurial community in Kansas City as well as all over the world. Dan is excited about his continuing opportunities as he helps a launch business, real estate ventures, and working towards generational wealth. He also connects business owners and invites a select few to become members of a private invite-only mastermind group.

Dan has a heart for people who are focused on education, personal growth, and impacting the world for good.

The Deep Wealth Experience has you learn the 9-step roadmap in 90-days. At the end of the 90-days, you create a blueprint to help you optimize your business value. You also have the certainty of capturing the maximum value for your liquidity event.


  • Dan shares how he learned the same system that the Feds use to interrogate and interview people
  • Why as a business owner your actions must be congruent with your words
  • How focusing on your vision prevents rifts in the business
  • Specific screen practices that let you know if a candidate is lying in an interview
  • How there are 14 baseline questions that set the bar for normal and honest answers in an interview
  • Why 80% to 90% of the time people are honest in an interview
  • Why you need to find out the secrets that people may not be telling you
  • How creating uncertainty in the interview can shake people up to have them tell you the truth
  • Why you must ask open-ended questions in an interview to discover the truth
  • The importance of direct, honest communication and conversation 
  • Why you must allow up to 24 months to prepare for your liquidity event
  • How to perform background checks to reveal the hidden information about a candidate
  • Why you must perform DTFW (Do The Fantastic Work) for background checks
  • The importance of performing three to four reviews of candidates before hiring
  • Why you must ask thought-provoking pattern interrupt questions in an interview
  • The importance of following the motto of trust but verify with candidates
  • How AI for interviewing candidates is good but still needs the human touch
  • Why a good interviewer digs deep enough to get that person off-script 
  • The power of the interview question, "how would you know if that wasn't true?"
  • How being in rapport with people has them feel comfortable, to be honest with you
  • The importance of applying approach, reach, and timing for communications
  • Why you must wake up, stay focused, celebrate your wins, and believe in yourself 

This podcast is brought to you by Deep Wealth. 

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Enjoy the interview!


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The Deep Wealth Experience

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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. 

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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, 90% of deals fail. Of the successful deals, business owners leave millions of dollars on the deal table.

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