Rolando Gadala-Maria On How To Massively Increase Your Company Valuation (#019)

"In order for us to help others, we need to firs help ourselves. " - Rolando Gadala-Maria

Rolando Gadala-Maria is Founder and CEO of Visage Capital Group. Rolando has more than 35 years of  experience as a serial entrepreneur. He brings a unique set of skills  and experience that include founding new businesses, investing and restructuring  existing businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions, business strategy and business growth models.

Rolando  and his team created a proprietary deep analytical process that  identifies perceptions of value from different buyers and sectors. Rolando helps clients maximize their exit value through preparing  these companies to have the right  positioning and alignment.  

The end result is that Rolando never sells a company until  its value is maximize for shareholders and optimized for the buyer.

Rolando's  deep conviction is when the homework is done extra value is always added.


  • The inside story behind the meaning of Rolando's company name
  • Lessons learned from Rolando after selling two companies
  • The importance of aligning your core values as a person with what you do as a business owner
  • Why you must take a deep dive to learn your business to find its potential
  • The market disruption from COVID-19 and the opportunities that have resulted
  • Why companies must embrace technology and become digital
  • Rolando's proprietary process aligns value for shareholders, company, market, and the product
  • Why most products and services become obsolete
  • Business owners can be good entrepreneurs or good managers, but not both
  • The importance of hiring people who are smarter than you
  • Why every business owner should have a board of advisors
  • Rolando shares how to run a board of advisors and find the members
  • Breaking the myth that the value of a company is a formula in a spreadsheet
  • Why digital companies have multiples of revenue instead of EBITDA
  • The difference between strategic buyers and financial buyers
  • The importance of aligning the perception of value between sellers and buyers
  • Why every business owner must gain the trust of buyers during the exit process
  • Rolando's view on why business owners must be excellent leaders
  • The research and work Rolando has done on leadership and his mentorship program
  • Why you must keep learning and have fun in the process for  a successful life

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Enjoy the interview!


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The Deep Wealth Experience

This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, 90% of deals fail. Of the successful deals, business owners leave millions of dollars on the deal table.

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