Top Recruiter Stevie Aylsworth On Why Human Capital Is The Most Important Asset For Your Business (#033)

"Never lose that zest for life." - Stevie Aylsworth

Stevie Aylsworth has been making a difference in the recruitment world for over 15 years. He has created and led recruitment teams that have delivered well over a thousand placements globally.

His experience in sales and management is crucial in shaping TriSearch as one of the industry leaders in innovative recruitment.

Built on the principle of providing talents recruitment with intention, TriSearch is a full-service talent solutions firm with paradigm shifting managed recruitment services delivered with speed, quality, and value. TriSearch's commitment to precision, original research, and transparency is what sets it apart.

Possessing deep human resource experience is what allows TriSearch to be successful at all levels and across all functional areas through the United States, Canada and Europe. Before TriSearch Stevie was formerly a key executive and co-founder at TriWorth and Managing Director of the West Coast division of Job Plex. Stevie graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in finance.


  • How Stevie's backgorund in the executive search world set him up for success with TriSearch
  • Why TriSearch takes a curated approach to recruitment to make it available at all levels
  • Why human capital is the most important capital
  • The importance of teamwork when doing a search
  • Why the "do it yourself recruitment" approach is a myth you need to stop believing
  • 90% of TriSearch's placements are people who are already employed and not looking for a job
  • What to look for in a recruitment guarantee and why all guarantees aren't the same
  • What you can't do with an in-house recruiter that you can do with an outside recruiter
  • What you don't know about the contingent recruitment model but really should
  • Why a retained recruitment model levels the playing field and gets you the best results
  • Stevie's approach to helping a business finds its ideal employees
  • The length of time you should expect for a talent search
  • The dangers in buying into the brand name of a recruiter and what you should be looking at instead
  • How TriSearch structure's its team for success
  • Why the human element is key in recruiting despite advances in technology
  • What to look for in the candidate's experience to ensure you don't lose out
  • Why the start to a search makes the difference between success and failure
  • What questions you need to ask yourself before starting a search
  • How the empowerment of your employees can make or break your business
  • Why your company culture is everything when find your ideal candidate
  • The impact of COVID-19 when finding key talent and what you can do about it
  • The dangers of transactional recruitment and why you must stay away from it
  • Key questions to ask and what to look for when hiring a recruiter
  • What to look for in the business model when hiring a recruiter
  • Why talent recruitment with intention is Stevie's mission
  • What Stevie finds rewarding about recruitment
  • How trust between you and you recruiter is critical for success
  • Why fun is key for Stevie in both business and life

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Enjoy the interview!


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Stevie Aylsworth on LinkedIn

Contact Stevie through SAylsworth[at]TriSearch[dot]com

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