Master Marketer And Successful Entrepreneur Gordon Henry On Mastering The Art Of The Customer Experience

"If you persist enough, you will find a way to succeed." - Gordon Henry

Gordon Henry is the Chief Strategy Officer at Thryv. He also hosts the Winning On Main Street small business podcast series. Gordon is passionate about helping small businesses grow, modernize, and thrive in today's evolving environment.

Gordon has over 25 years of experience in client acquisition strategies and marketing. He's also a leader in enhancing company images through public relations, brand management, and advertising.

Gordon received his bachelor of arts from Yale University and an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Thryv owns the easy-to-use Thryv end-to-end customer experience software built for growing small to medium-sized businesses that help over 40,000 SAAS clients with the daily demands of running a business. 

Thryv's award-winning platform provides modernized business functions, allowing small to medium-sized businesses to reach more customers, stay organized, get paid faster, and generate reviews.

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  • How Gordon mastered marketing and client acquisition (and you can too)
  • The power of listening to your customers
  • How to beat big business and win the marketing and client acquisition game
  • How constant communication flow with your clients wins the day and repeat business
  • Why customer experience is as necessary as the service or product you provide
  • How data on your clients gives you the upper hand in the marketplace
  • How you can automate communications without breaking the bank
  • Why customers prefer to do things on their phones instead of speaking to people
  • How to overcome the shortage of employees through the correct type of automation
  • Examples of how automation saves time and drives up profits
  • The importance of offering online payments to save clients time and boost profits
  • How speed always wins and how you can leverage it to win new business
  • Why your future buyer will pay more for your business when its automated and integrated
  • How automation helps you run your business without you (and increase enterprise value)
  • Why your business must have virtual options so you can compete and win
  • How the pandemic has customers wanting paperless interactions
  • How a small business can compete with big business through automation (at a fraction of the cost)
  • Why you must focus on the customer experience as much as your product or service
  • How customer reviews are a must-have and not a nice to have and what you can do about it
  • The importance of marketing and finance skills in today's environment
  • Why perseverance and persistence wins the day

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