Investment Bankers Josh Curtis and Michael Butler Reveal Little Known Strategies To Help You Increase The Value Of Your Business (#030)

"Trust is the backbone of everything that we do because we are focused on that end result" - Josh Curtis

"The one thing we can attribute our high success rate to, is we do our homework upfront." - Michael Butler

Josh Curtis is Managing Director at Footprint Capital. Mr. Curtis advises business leaders in ownership transitions and liquidity events, including sell-side and buy-side transaction engagements as well as succession planning, strategic growth, management buyouts, ESOP formations, capital raises, and leveraged recaps. His career has been dedicated to facilitating strategic initiatives for both private and public companies with revenue ranging from a few million to over a billion across all industries in the U.S.

Michael Butler is a Senior Director at Footprint Capital. Michael is responsible leading sell-side and buy-side engagements with business owners. Michael cultivates relationships with clients, prospects, centers of influence, private equity firms, and family offices.  

Josh and Michael share why they have a 98% success rate for exits and liquidity events.


  • Why Footprint Capital provides tailored solutions to smaller businesses
  • How Footprint Capital focuses on your legacy on your liquidity event
  • Why being industry agnostic gives Josh and Michael the edge for liquidity events
  • The power of preparation today to help you increase your business value tomorrow
  • Common areas business owners overlook that lower the value of the business
  • Why you must hire the best advisors for your exit or liquidity event
  • The dangers of personal expenses and how it can hurt your business value
  • How Michael and Josh do their homework before saying "yes" to working with a company
  • Why you should believe those "country club" stories of exit and liquidity events
  • How Michael and Josh increased a client's business value by over $20 million
  • The power of adding discipline and a proven system to a process to create value
  • Why you need to know the most common value detractors and how to fix them
  • How to organize your company for your liquidity event
  • Key things to look for when selecting an investment banker
  • Different tools and approaches to determine the value of a business
  • How to set your expectations for the value of your business to be realistic
  • Why Josh and Michael believe in the power of an auction
  • The good, bad, and ugly of an earnout
  • The M&A market before COVID and where the market is today
  • What to expect when having a liquidity event during COVID
  • The different types of buyers or investors and what you need to know about them
  • What you need to know about private equity today
  • How to view debt from a buyer when it comes to your liquidity event
  • Why debt has a bad rap and how it can help you drive higher multiples
  • Why the value of a deal shouldn't be the only factor in selecting a buyer or investor
  • What to look out for in investment banks and bankers
  • Why Josh and Michael get to know their clients better than their clients know themselves
  • How Josh and Michael build trust to help clients through challenging decisions
  • The importance of trusting your gut in both business and life
  • Why reputation is one of the most important things for Josh and the Footprint Capital team
  • The power of doing what you love as early as you can

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Enjoy the interview!


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