Dave Zumpano On Benefiting From The Future Of Legal Services Today (#112)

"There's always something somebody else knows. And it's my job to figure out what they know and they could share with me." Dave Zumpano

Dave's Zumpano was born and raised in Central New York. Dave began his professional career with Price Waterhouse and graduated from Syracuse College of law in 1992.

Dave has founded The Estate Planning Law Center, The Estate Planning Protection Trust Medicaid Practice Systems, and provided the first cloud-based law practice management system, integrated with documentation creation software for estate, Medicaid, and asset protection planning law firms.

In 2021 Dave's newest innovation Guidr, a digital, easy-to-use client interface platform was released to lawyers and once again is changing the industry by digitizing how lawyers communicate with clients to meet the demands of modern technological advancements consumers have come to expect.

In October 2021, Dave and his technology partner Guy Remond coauthored, the digitization of Law: How to Transform Technology Disruptions Into Abounding Opportunities, which provides the basis and support for the future of law practice incorporating digital technology.

Dave has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, National Public Radio and is a regular speaker and trainer to many national, regional, and local legal organizations, banking and financial institutions on estate planning, asset protection, Medicaid planning, and law practice management, utilizing his cutting edge technologies.

Dave's first priority and passion is his wife, Christine, and their children, Maria, Olivia, and Angelo.

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The Digitization of Law: How to Transform Technology Disruptions into Abounding Opportunity

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