Maverick Entrepreneur Ben Richter Reveals Proven Success Strategies For Business Exits And Life (#023)

"The natural evolution of entrepreneurs is we go from learn to earn to return" - Ben Richter

Benjamin Richter is the founder and CEO of Bradford Airport logistics and Bradford Swissport Logistics. Bradford is both the US and global leader in secure airports, terminal logistics. The company has earned a reputation for innovation and operational excellence.

Under Benjamin's leadership skills over the past 19 years, Bradford has almost singularly carved out and pioneered the US domestic market space associated with airports, terminal, centralized, receiving and distribution centers. Bradford airport logistics has been awarded more CRDC contracts than any other logistics security organization in the world.

Ben has held numerous leadership positions involving nonprofit organizations within the state of Texas, such as a board member of the Texas Center For The Missing and currently serves in an advisory role, heading the leadership development Institute on behalf of the Harris County Sheriff's Department.

Ben has a master of science in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston, a Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering, and a Bachelor of Arts Business Administration from Bucknell university and has completed the intellectual property law curriculum at the university of Houston law school.

Ben's early professional career as a project leader for the deployment of enterprise resource planning systems for midsize manufacturing and distribution organizations provided the platform of knowledge. He has leveraged in his entrepreneurial endeavors.


  • Why your busines must have a defined purpose
  • How company culture is the single most important thing you must focus on
  • Ben explains why success depends on the interaction between customers and your employees
  • The power of mentorship and the responsibility of being a mentee
  • Why you must enter a mentorship like a four-year-old who is ready to learn
  • Why Ben spends one day a month as a mentor
  • The power changing the words "have to" into "get to"
  • The importance of bringing other people with you on your quest for financial freedom
  • How Ben helps people without expecting anything back and the enjoyment this brings
  • An exit from one business is an entrance into a new phase of leadership
  • Why you must find the "Rembrandts" in the closet to increase enterprise value
  • How Ben insisted on finding a culturally aligned investment banker and why the risk was worth the reward
  • The role a minority equity position played in Bradford's growth and success
  • Ben explains the power of a Reverse RFP for assessing potential investors in his company
  • Why Ben insisted on meeting with over 600 employees at the start of the pandemic
  • How Ben created his exit team
  • Finding the silver lining with the pandemic
  • Ben's view on how leadership is at every level in his company from bottom to top and top to bottom
  • Why Ben distinguishes between a leader and a manager
  • Ben's view on the responsibility of a manger to develop leadership in every employee
  • Leadership in action with a 100% renewal rate over 21 years with Bradford's customers
  • Why "luck" is a lot of preparation
  • How a love of learning for Ben is one of his key success factors
  • Ben discusses the importance of celebrating challenges to help you over the next one

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Enjoy the interview!


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