Chris Yates On Pivoting And Profiting During A Pandemic (#003)

"I surround myself with others who have already started to take that leap or who are already a few steps ahead" - Chris Yates

Chris Yates is Founder of Rhodium Weekend and Partner in Centurica.  Rhodium Weekend is a community of 6 to 8 figure digital business owners and investors.  Chris has over a decade of experience acquiring and operating digital businesses. Chris has overseen $150 Million in acquisitions of eCommerce, Content, and SaaS businesses. Centurica specializes in helping entrepreneurs, companies and private equity firms buy online businesses.


  • The power of building a network around you
  • The importance of transforming a website into a lead machine through content
  • How Chris solves problems by having the right community of people around him
  • Why you need to be in a mastermind group
  • Chris' first principles of business: adapt and always learn
  • Why it's critical to diversity revenue and traffic to create a business of value
  • Chris' approach to generating leads through digital marketing
  • Generating leads through paid advertising and organic networks
  • The power of peer groups
  • The importance of working with the trend and not against it
  • Ask yourself the question, "what the opportunity in this situation?"
  • The value of customer and business relationships
  • Chris' challenge with his upcoming in-person Rhodium Weekend in light of the coronavirus
  • Dissecting elements of an in-person invent and transferring what you can to virtual
  • First principles of both an in-person and virtual event
  • How Chris leverages the power of word-of-mouth marketing
  • Chris found a way to monetize his passion for connecting people
  • The secrets of being a great operator for events
  • What to look for in opportunities as an investor
  • Why business owners must disrupt their businesses
  • Thrive in business when you do what's hard for big companies to replicate
  • The strategies Chris deployed to avoid the pandemic from putting him out of business
  • How Chris looks at what's ahead in the new economy
  • The importance of building trust with your community and customers
  • Chris' approach to buying and selling businesses and creating a business he keeps
  • How Rhodium Weekend channels Chris' passion while helping business owners solve their problems
  • The power of scarcity and small groups to create a thriving community
  • Chris' 7-year rule that puts people first every day
  • The world needs leaders to get it through the pandemic
  • The power of stepping into the identity of a leader and not holding back

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Enjoy the interview!

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