Don Gleason On Strategies That Help You Win During A Pandemic (#009)

Don Gleason On Strategies That Help You Win During A Pandemic

"Challenging times are a golden opportunity for a reinvention of your business. " - Don Gleason

Don Gleason has an extensive background in strategic planning, sales management, marketing, and the customer experience.

As a consultant for two decades, Don helps businesses launch, turn around, or achieve exponential growth.

As a hands-on executive, Don leads companies through a critical path that focuses on launching products, improving cash through high accountability metrics and the disciplines of execution.


  • How to reduce your burn rate
  • Insights into government help programs
  • Challenging times are times for reinvention of your business
  • How subtle changes make all the difference
  • How to leverage front-line staff to make changes
  • Disney saved $3M by talking to their front-line staff
  • Pivoting your business can be as simple as changing your strategy
  • Ask yourself what part of your business can go virtual
  • Why content is king, especially during a pandemic
  • Look for products or services your business offers that can go virtual
  • As an example, a restaurant can sell online cooking courses for its best dishes
  • Why $19.95 is the magic price point for add-on services
  • Business owners must find the pain point customers are feeling and provide solutions
  • Steps companies must put in place for today and the future:
  1. Setup work procedures for employees to work from home
  2. Train employees how to work with clients in the virtual environment
  3. Communicate through email, websites, and podcasts
  4. Sell off old or excess inventory at a deep discount
  5. Develop a leadership success plan
  • How Don helped one client generate $48,000 of found cash by selling off old inventory
  • Find out how your company compares to industry averages. If your company is performing below, you're leaving money on the table
  • Create cash reserves through selling off old inventory
  • Find and cut unnecessary expenses. These savings go into your cash reserve
  • Write out your ideal customer and focus on keeping your existing customers
  • The power of finding out how long it takes your business to go from order to payment
  • Identify business "leaks" such as not collecting account receivables
  • One hidden expense are employees who don't start on time from lack of preparation
  • An example of a construction company wasting $265,000 from workers not starting on time at the job site
  • Leaders must work on their business and not get caught up by working in the business
  • Identify your key metrics and share with the entire company
  • What gets measure is what gets done
  • Treat your employees the same way you treat your clients

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Enjoy the interview!


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