Ed LeMasters On Managing Your Money During Challenging Times (#005)

"When your business gets stressed, everything becomes clear." - Ed LeMasters

"Panic is not an investment strategy" - Ed LeMasters

Ed LeMasters has almost four decades of experience as a Wealth Advisor. Ed manages over $500 million on behalf of his clients. With a focus on business owners, Ed manages their money while they grow their business and after the sale. Ed's focus is building a bulletproof portfolio for his clients.

Is it possible to have a bulletproof portfolio?

You know, a portfolio that thrives in good times and protects your money in challenging times.

Is a bulletproof portfolio something too good to be true?

Enter Ed LeMasters who is our guest on today's episode.

Ed shares the strategies he's leveraged for almost four decades.


  • Panic is not an investment strategy
  • The 2008 financial crisis caused market values to revert back to 1996 values
  • The COVID-19 pandemic caused market values to revert back to values from late 2018
  • This financial crisis will likely take two years for values to return to market high
  • Two questions to ask a financial advisor:
  • Not including your team, how much money do you manage yourself?
  • How many clients do you serve?
  • What to watch out for in a financial advisor:
  • Works with too many people
  • Does not manage a significant amount of money on his/her own
  • When selecting a financial advisor, pick someone you can work with for the long-term
  • Strategies to thrive in good times or challenging times:
  • When buying assets, buy quality
  • Develop an investing thesis, update it and adapt, but stay with it
  • Create a plan with measurable goals
  • Develop a long-term focus
  • The dangers business owners face managing their money because of their Type-A personality
  • Market are an emotional barometer in the short-term and calculator in the long-term
  • A market can crash when it trades above 18 times the current year number
  • Create a plan before you start to invest and review the plan on a regular basis

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Enjoy the interview!


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