Klaus Meyer On How To Position Your Business For Success In The New Economy (#010)

Klaus Meyer On Strategies That Help You Win During A Pandemic

"Calling on entrepreneurs, society needs you" - Klaus Meyer

Klaus Meyer is a professor of international business at the Ivy business school at the University of Western Ontario.

He joined in 2017 after six years at the China Europe international business school in Shanghai. Dr. Meyer is a leading scholar in the field of international business, especially with foreign entry strategies in emerging economies. He's published over 70 articles in leading scholarly journals.


  • The power of developing a short-run and long-run strategy as a result of the pandemic
  • Understanding the industry you're in and recovery time lines
  • Ask yourself how your business and customers will be different in the new economy
  • Strategic agility is key for success
  • Successful companies coming out of the pandemic show agility
  • Why businesses, even large ones, must act with an entrepreneurial spirit
  • The disruption of the global supply chain and what this means for your business
  • Applying risk management to your supply chain
  • Why you  must leverage new technology for the new economy
  • Ask yourself how can you use automation in your business
  • Look the past to lock-in your future
  • Asian businesses dealt with SARS and are now positioned better to deal with COVID-19
  • Examples of changes in industries and the short-term and long-term impact
  • Asia is leading the way in providing convenience to customers through online services
  • Successful businesses must integrate online services into their offerings
  • How your company can compete against Amazon and Uber by embracing local services
  • Why businesses must make online services truly online and not an add-on
  • How robots are changing businesses globally and what you can do in your business
  • What to look for in changing consumer attitudes so you can pivot to profit
  • The power of subscription services, especially when incorporating local services
  • Opportunities in health care sectors
  • Looking to Asia as an example of incorporating robots and online technology
  • The importance of entrepreneurs to open up the new economy

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Enjoy the interview!


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