Waleuska Lazo On How Gratitude Unleashes Your Health And Success (#004)

"Nothing new can enter your life unless you have learned to be grateful for what you currently  have." - Waleuska Lazo

Waleuska is one of the original founders of the eLearning company Embanet. Since  Embanet, Waleuska launched The Gratitude Experiment. Waleuska helps people transform their lives through the power of gratitude. Waleuska created a 28-day online experience called "Five Minutes To Gratefulness" (FMTG).

FMTG is a thriving community with people from 83 countries around the world. Through FMTG, Waleuska teaches you step-by-step how to welcome gratitude into your life.

The inspiration for FMTG happened when Waleuska found her life in a low-spot. Through trial-and-error, Waleuska transformed her life with 5 minutes a day of gratitude.

During challenging times, it's gratitude that turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.


  • After the sale of Embanet Waleuska became a writer
  • Waleuska created a system that welcomes gratitude into daily life
  • Why business owners need gratitude more than they realize
  • During challenging times like the pandemic, gratitude helps to keep you appreciative
  • When in a state of gratitude, the body produces about 1,300 chemicals to promote healing
  • The mind can have on emotion at a time. When in gratitude, negativity does not affect you
  • Why all it takes is five minutes a day to make a difference
  • How close to 800 people have gone through FMTG and transformed their lives for the better
  • Gratitude helps you welcome the challenges so you can learn and prosper
  • Why the most powerful action a person can take is to be in the moment with gratitude
  • There's no rule book that says you have to like everything in your life. You won't. What matters is how you view the situation.
  • Waleuska view on how you can't control things around you, but you can control your reaction
  • The FMTG system is 28 days and offered free-of-charge
  • Waleuska shares the story of one participant in the FMTG course went from hating his job to thriving in it.
  • How gratitude can help parents while their children at home from the pandemic
  • The need to acknowledge the pain of their children from the feeling their world changing
  • How the universe is a mirror  of your inner emotions and thoughts
  • The new book Waleuska is preparing on The Gratitude Experiment
  • Why gratitude must be part of a company's culture
  • The importance of counting the blessing in your life right now, even with the pandemic

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Enjoy the interview!


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