Dr. Michael Varenbut On How You Can Survive, Pivot, And Change (#011)

Dr. Michael Varenbut On How You Can Survive, Pivot, And Change

"We survived, pivoted, and changed." - Dr. Michael Varenbut

Dr. Michael Varenbut, is a physician and an entrepreneur experienced in building world-class healthcare companies and organizations with a strong social purpose. Michael endeavors to combined his knowledge of healthcare with his business acumen to create healthcare companies that benefit all stakeholders.


  • How health-care is transforming from in-person to virtual
  • What you can expect as a patient in the new normal
  • Herd immunity versus physical distancing strategies and which one will prevail
  • How to set your expectations on a COVID-19 vaccine
  • The realities of mass vaccinations
  • The time frame for a possible COVID-19 vaccine
  • How viruses work
  • Immunity to COVID-19 as either fact or fiction
  • What business owners must think about to pivot and profit
  • Dispelling the myths around Doctors' incomes
  • How the health care system has changed and continues to change
  • Health care reimbursements in the new economy and what this means for patients
  • Michael's book talking about the business of health care for Doctors
  • What you can expect from Doctors' offices in the new economy
  • What you can do to keep you and your staff healthy
  • How office space and layouts will change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Basic procedures that are moving from the Doctor's office to the patient's home
  • Questions every business owner must ask to prepare for future pandemics
  • How this pandemic is like a live experiment for survival of the fittest with businesses
  • The opportunity for healthcare businesses to lead the change for all businesses
  • How you can survive, pivot, and change

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Enjoy the interview!


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