Steve Kohler On Leading With Resilience During A Pandemic (#006)

"The humility effect has good leaders become better as a result of the pandemic." - Steve Kohler

Steve Kohler Steve is president of Ridge Global and has served in a number of roles for its affiliates including as Chief Innovation Officer for Ridge Global and Risk Cooperative and prior to that as Chief Executive Officer for Ridge Global Solutions and as a principal advisor for the strategic consulting practice. He previously served as president of Space Florida, a statewide Special District focused on economic development within the Florida aerospace economic sector.

Before that, Mr. Kohler was the president of Winner Global Defense, a privately held company focused on military and non-military applications of aircraft countermeasures and laser based detection technologies.

Earlier, Steve served as senior vice president for Corporate Advisory Services for CB Richard Ellis/Pittsburgh. In June 1996, then Governor Ridge appointed Kohler to lead the Pennsylvania Governor's Action Team, where he led the states economic development incentives and business attraction and expansion programs.


  • Hope is important to communicate with people to let them know there is a future
  • Businesses must now create a culture that embraces off site operations
  • How governments and business must now become creative in maintaining public health
  • The importance of rethinking office layout and design
  • Why leaders must rise to the occasion to bring out the best in their companies
  • The importance of business owners looking for the good in a challenging situation
  • Why a pandemic brings out the humility in people
  • Businesses must consider their vulnerabilities with cyber security
  • Business owners must rethink their supply chain and look for vulnerabilities
  • The importance of transparency in communications during challenging times
  • Why businesses must not let brand protection keep them silent during a pandemic
  • Why leaders must recognize and talk about their problems
  • Communication must be direct about what you as a leader are doing
  • It's easy to lead when times are good
  • The importance of business owners to plan how they will re-open their businesses
  • Pandemics bring out the humility in people
  • Steve experience about knowing neighbors not from a professional basis, but as neighbors
  • The humility effect has good leaders become better because of the pandemic
  • How everyone, especially business owners, must open themselves to humility during the pandemic
  • For Government help, businesses should look to Small Business Development centers
  • The importance of resiliency, humility, preparation, and planning

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Enjoy the interview!


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