Introducing The Sell My Business Podcast (#001)

The First Episode Of The Sell My Business Podcast

"Unlock your destiny and success when you know how to pivot and profit." - Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve Wells

Jeffrey Feldberg and Steve Wells are successful entrepreneurs. Feldberg and Wells enjoyed a 9-figure exit from their eLearning company Embanet. The journey had Feldberg and Wells increase the value of their company 10X in two years. The Embanet story almost didn't happen. The first offer Feldberg and Wells received was 7-figures based on 3-times EBITDA.

How did Feldberg and Wells go from a 7-figure offer to a 9-figure offer from a different buyer?

The Sell Your Business Podcast, and their company Deep Wealth, focuses on helping you grow your company, sell your company, or both. The days of smart and sophisticated buyers ripping off business owners are over. Starting N.O.W.  


  • The story behind the story of starting The Sell Your Business Podcast and Deep Wealth
  • Learning how not to survive, but to thrive in challenging times
  • Why you must master the art and science of pivoting to profit
  • Knowing how resourcefulness trumps resources
  • If you think money is the answer to all problems, think again
  • Why challenging times are an opportunity to help you and not hurt you
  • Why business owners must have their companies run without them
  • How business owners continue to get ripped off on and don't know it
  • The Deep Wealth Experience surrounds you with
  • A 6-week online experience includes a live Success Coach, your own private mastermind group, and access to Feldberg and Wells
  • Costly mistakes that Feldberg and Wells made in their exit and how you can avoid the same mistakes
  • What you will hear in future episodes of The Sell My Business Podcast
  • How the strategies to grow your business to thrive are the same ones needed to sell your business
  • Why there's no such thing as a "silly" question
  • Why your existing business may be your one and only success story
  • The importance of make the most of your existing business
  • The one simple questions you must ask yourself
  • The power and need of asynchronous communications versus real-time communication
  • How Feldberg and Wells went from a 9-figure exit with to a 7-figure loss in their next company. Lessons well learned.
  • Why small choices made today create big changes and opportunities tomorrow
  • Little-know strategies to grow your business
  • How to deal with the current pandemic that has you win
  • The power of creating a market disruption in your industry
  • How to be the change and make a difference

This podcast is brought to you by Deep Wealth. Are you a business owner who is wondering how to grow your business, sell it, or both? Perhaps you're wondering how to make your business pandemic-proof? Learn how the strategies to grow and extract the deep wealth from your business.

Enjoy the interview!

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How I Built An 8-Figure Company And A 9-Figure Exit (With No Business Experience)

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This podcast is brought to you by the Deep Wealth Experience. In the world of mergers and acquisitions, 90% of deals fail. Of the successful deals, business owners leave millions of dollars on the deal table.

Who are we and how do we know? We're the 9-figure exit guys. We said "no" to a 7-figure offer and "yes" to a 9-figure offer two years later.  In the process we increased the value of our company 10X.

During our liquidity event journey, we created a 9-step preparation process. It's the quality and depth of your preparation that increases your business value.

After our 9-figure exit we committed ourselves to leveling the playing field. The Deep Wealth Experience helps you create a launch plan in 90-days. Our solution is resilient, relentless, and gets results. Enjoy the certainty that you'll capture the maximum value on your liquidity event.

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